20 Things From My 20th Birthday

What a whirlwind of a week I’ve had. Between my birthday and having relatives over from England, my planned blog post for last Wednesday the 26th of July – my actual birthday – seemed to just keep getting pushed back until today! I had an idea a few weeks back that it would be cool to share with you guys 20 thoughts from my 20th birthday. There’s not really any rhyme or reason to this post although I did try my best to put it in chronological order of what happened on the day. I’m hoping it’s not too all over the shop, and maybe you’ll even learn something new about me!

1. I was woken up early, sometime before 7am, to my cat Ace meowing at my bedroom door. He loves to hang in my room in the mornings and more often than not will jump on the bed with me and we’ll both fall back asleep for another hour or so. Sadly he was a little grumpy that morning but then spent the rest of the day snuggled up on my lovely un-made bed.

2. I’m terrible at making the bed, just ask my Mum. Most mornings when I wake up my cat is already in the bed with me and he usually looks too sleepy and comfortable to move in order for me to make it. Unless we have visitors my bed is rarely made – sorry Mum.

3. My birthday is right in the middle of winter which I love because there’s just something about overcast weather, the rain and it being cold that feels really homey and comfortable. I can’t wait until I move out of home and I can get away with rainy day movie marathons and not making the bed.

4. Fun fact: I think it has only even rained once or twice on my actual birthday in the whole 20 years of me being alive. My Mum even said it was quite a clear, sunny day when I was born too. But last Wednesday was super cold and had large spurts of heavy rain and gusty winds.

5. Having a birthday on the 26th of July means my star sign is Leo. I love everything to do with astrology and zodiac signs – I’m obsessed with horoscopes and somehow they always relate to an aspect of my life.

6. As I was born in 1997 this falls under the Chinese year of the Ox. That combined with my Leo star sign makes me one very head strong and passionate person. I’m also generally a very positive and happy person who loves life.

7. The card I received from my Mum, Dad and sister is my favourite! I had little cartoon drawn cheeses with faces on them – check out my Instagram to see them… I even left a little cheesy joke over there.

8. Here’s what makeup I wore on my birthday: I choose a buildable base as I needed it to last all day and just topped it up in the evening before heading out for dinner. I wore Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in Buff and L’Oreal True Match Concealer in Vanilla for my base, MAC Naked Lunch on the eyes and Maybelline Lash Sensational for mascara, MAC Charcoal Brown for brows and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm on my lips.

9. My outfit of the day details are here: Valleygirl Selina High Rise Skinny Pants, Forever New Ricki Stripe Tie Crop Shirt, Dotti leather jacket (similar) and London Rebel Cheer white trainers.

10. I plugged my phone into my car and popped on my favourite playlist solely dedicated to 80’s/90’s/00’s pop music as I drove to my hairdresser’s for a few hours of pampering and chit-chat. The hair salon is a place that I love to be and I rather enjoy pampering myself.

20 Things From My 20th Birthday Cate Renee

11. My super sweet hairdresser Brooke actually bought me a big choc mint muffin and little card which was beyond cute! And then we laughed and chatted for about four hours whilst she worked her magic on lightening my locks. We ended up lightening and brightening my hair colour a lot with Olaplex and making it more blonde.

12. After I got back from the hairdresser my Dad took me down to our local shopping centre to try on some wireless headphones and return a top I bought. We didn’t end up buying any on the day but I’m doing some more research and looking into the Bose Mark 3 headphones.

13. Since I was out at dinner when the first episode of the new season of The Bachelor started I made sure I could watch it immediately on 9 Now. My favourite part of the first episode is seeing what dresses the girls will be sporting at the first cocktail party and which girl Matty J will end up choosing.

14. Before heading out I lightly topped up my makeup with my Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks in Birthday Cake and the pink Sweetheart shade from my beloved Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Clay Palette.

15. My outfit of the night details are here: Forever New Poppy Mid Rise Ankle Grazer Jeans in Mid Wash (lighter wash version), Joanie Happy Hour Cocktail Slogan Jumper, Dotti platform heels (similar) and silver hoops (similar).

16. We left our house around 5pm and caught the train into the city and met my aunty, uncle and cousin for dinner at Jamie’s Italian. I’m one of those people who will research the whole menu of a restaurant before I go there. We sat down and tucked into some entrées before the others arrived and later I enjoyed the BEST mushroom ravioli of my life – literally no exaggeration there!! As well as a few Rossini cocktails which consisted of red berry purée and Prosseco and a bowl of mango gelato for dessert – now that what I call celebrating the right way!

17. My favourite cuisine of all time is Italian, hence why I choose to eat at an Italian restaurant. Another Italian hot spot I love is Caffe Italia in East Perth – best authentic cuisine in town! I love pizza, pasta, risotto, red wine and Chinotto, the freshness of the ingredients Italians use and the love they pour into their dishes.

18. I was also born on the same day as my Great Aunt and since I have just turned 20, she has just turned 70 and she’s currently holidaying in Australia at the moment as well! We all caught up for a pub lunch on the weekend and celebrated our birthdays together.

19. By the time we got back from the city I was well and truly on my way to being in a food coma. My Dad and I sat down and watched a few episodes of The Good Wife – our favourite TV show – and shared half an iced finger bun each. That set me over the edge and into a sugary carb coma and then I got into bed.

20. I’ve been having a real crack-up at all the messages and pictures of drunken nights out I’ve received on my personal Facebook page. I love reminiscing memories from the past. I seriously have the best friends and family… even some of my old high school teachers wished me happy birthday!

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