2015 Goals | Life. Blog. Beauty

2015 Goals | Life, Blog, Beauty | Cate Renée

Hello, and welcome back to a brand new year here on the blog! And a big welcome to many of you who have just jumped on our little bandwagon. There are  big things in store for us this year and I certainly hope everyone enjoys the ride.

First of all there are a few things that’ll be changing relatively soon around here, first up with my uploading schedule; now changing to Wednesday and Sunday evenings (6pm Perth time) due to being in my final year of school and needing to make study my first priority, and secondly a possible blog name change. Now I won’t go into drastic detail about it, because I’ve already typed out a lengthy and descriptive post, but yes, after much consideration and “sleeping on it” we shall welcome a new name shortly (already picked out, waiting to plan a new blog design).

Now shall we get into the nitty gritty? 2015! Wow, I still can’t I made it through last year (not the finest of years I’ve endured), and now we’re here so let’s make it one to remember. I have lots of exciting and big events if you will planned throughout this year; with my final year in high school, 18th birthday, graduation and school ball to name a few. I like to think I’m usually pretty on the ball and realistic about my new year’s resolutions and goals, although I seemed to forgot that last year, so this year I decided to pop a few small, and achievable goals into three separate categories; Life, Blog, and Beauty. Life being what I want for myself and my at home life, blog; what I’d like to achieve via the blog and working harder to make things happen, and beauty; what I want to establish or upkeep within my beauty regimes.


  • Eat cleaner, more wholesome foods
  • Focus on studying
  • Break the impulse buying curse; if in doubt, go without!
  • Exercise more regularly
  • Read more books
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Practise yoga and positive thinking


  • Keep on track with planning and scheduling of posts
  • Practise shooting higher quality blog photos
  • Take more inspiration from social media and magazines
  • Be more creative with posts
  • Plan a few more fashion and lifestyle posts


  • Take better care of my skin; drink more water, establish a skincare routine
  • Practise winged eyeliner
  • Moisturise everyday
  • Paint my nails every Sunday evening
  • Exfoliate more often

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I wish each and every one of you all the very best of luck this year!