3 More Quick & Easy Hairstyles

In case you missed it, a little while ago I did a post on three super quick and easy updo’s to do when you’re half asleep in the morning or rushing out in the evenings – I’ve actually just had a look and realised that post was almost an entire year ago! So grab that bottle of dry shampoo, a handful of bobby pins and elastics and a can of hairspray, and let’s just jump straight in to a few more quick and easy hairstyles.

Quick & Easy Hairstyles Braids3 More Quick & Easy Hairstyles | Cate Renée

The single braid side pony

The new way to spruce up an old classic, the side pony tail. Simply create a deep part and take a section from the front of your hair and loosely reverse/dutch braid until the end. Secure with a clear elastic and pull out sections to create a thicker look before incorporating it into your pony. To jazz this look up even further, secure your side pony with a hair accessory like this or this.

3 More Quick & Easy Hairstyles | Cate Renée

The knotted messy bun

I love this look. It’s that kind of hairstyle that’s up off your neck but still has enough pizzazz to look like you’ve put an ounce of effort into your look. Part your hair into four sections with the middle two being slightly thicker than the front two sections. Take the middle two and literally tie into a knot and kept tying until the end of your hair, securing in place with bobby pins. Lastly take the two front pieces and do the same again, positioning it slightly above the first knotted bun.

3 More Quick & Easy Hairstyles | Cate Renée

The simple braided up-do

Part your hair down the middle, this part does not need to be neat or straight, and secure one side of your hair out of the way. Brush any knots out of the hair and simply create a plait and secure at the end. Do this on the opposite side as well and then pull out sections to create a more relaxed look, before taking one braid and pinning it to the other side behind the ear. Take the second braid and overlap the secured end from, pinning on the under side of the first braid.

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