4 Period Pick-Me-Ups

4 Period Pick-Me-Ups | Cate Renée

Ah that time of the month, the week of practical hell for every girl. Each month I go from one extreme to the other and sometimes you just can’t control yourself and feel like the whole world is against you – believe me I once dropped a spoon and cried! But for that one week although we are secretly dying on the inside there are a few pick-me-ups I love and make me feel happy and positive once again and ready to tackle the day at head.

Paint your nails

Hello, an instant mood booster right there. I can’t think of anything that makes me feel more happier and put together like a beautiful and glossy manicure. This week I’ve definitely been reaching towards something a little more bright and upbeat and berry toned. Even just the act of painting your nails can distract your mind for a little bit, especially if you’re catching up on the weeks latest YouTube videos.

Have a movie marathon

Now whilst you might think you’re alone in the PMS department, some of your besties could actually be in the same situation. It’s been quite common and known for your period to sync with your super close girlfriends if you spend enough time with them – I know my bestie and I are pretty in sync. So gather the girls up for a night in with loads of pillows, duvets, movies and of course the essential, chocolate.

Get some fresh air

Normally exercise is the absolute last thing I feel like doing whilst on my period but actually a little fresh air does the soul wonders, plus a light stroll around the block will get your blood pumping around your body and hopefully ease up on the cramps. And if you’re still really not feeling it, put together a playlist of your favourite songs or browse Spotify to listen to some positive tunes to get you in the spirit.

Spend your day in the kitchen

Ahh an afternoon baking in my ugliest, most comfiest pyjamas and singing along to some old school 90’s pop sounds like the perfect weekend activity to me. I really find cooking and baking super relaxing and like to take my time and pour a little love into each recipe. Also the obvious, you get to eat whatever you make at the end of it, and I always feel like eating a tonne more when it’s that time of the month, especially any form of creamy cheesy pasta!


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