August Favourites

August Favourites! | Cate Renée

Wow it seems ages since I last did a monthly favourites post, although it was only July that I missed. So I’ve added what I’ve been loving from both July and August and combined them together to make one big favourites post. Let’s dig in.

Origins Mega Mushroom Advanced Face Serum

Never would I have thought a 2mL sample from an online purchase would have me falling head over heels in love with this product. I cannot begin to describe the difference it has made to my skin. It feels lighter and smoother, the amount of oil has decreased- I can now wake up in the morning and not have to wash my face immediately. It’s reduced the amount of red and inflamed areas and most of all has given my skin a new life. A definite recommendation and new addition to my very short list of holy grail skin care items. The only down side is the price that might burn a small, but very justifiable, hole in your wallet.

Essie Mod Square

It’s been a love/hate relationship with this one this month, but overall I think I do actually like it. To me the colour changes depending on what light it’s in, and I think that is the main reason to the hate part of the relationship. A vibrant pink, I wouldn’t say hot pink but certainly on it’s way there, and the perfect companion to spice up a monochrome outfit.

Too Faced Natural Eyes

This palette is full of delicate and sublimely perfected shades that I’m completely smitten with. This is the ultimate companion for all you naturally dreamy goddesses who love a good bronzed smokey eye. The formulation of these lustrous eyeshadows is beautiful and can survive all day without any creasing. This palette has easily made its way into my must have beauty essentials.

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish

Described as “a silky hallelujah” by the Zoeva website itself, I couldn’t agree more with this statement! One of my best buys to date, partly due to the impeccable application and finish it leaves of your makeup, but mostly the rose gold aspect. So do yourself a favour and snatch up a brush or two, or like me a whole set- the rose gold got the better of me.

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

A bit of an impulse buy here, a bin full of mascara and eyeliner duo’s, but can you blame me? The bottom lash wand is the right petite size which is needed to coat those tiny lashes, and the formula is very similar- if not the same- to the original Falsies mascara. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the top mascara and wand as much as I did the bottom. It just seemed a bit average to me, and certainly not in comparison to my other well-loved Maybelline mascaras.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightning Shampoo

Bought on a whim, I thought I’d just give this shampoo a go. I must admit I haven’t used this everyday, but the times I have I did notice a slight lightness in my hair colour, but nothing obvious to the average Joe. I’ll continue to use this throughout the next month and hopefully report back.

LUSH Bath Bombs

Ahh I am in utter lust with the extensive range of sumptuous bath bombs from LUSH. With the privilege of receiving many for my birthday (thanks Mum!), I’ve been enjoying lovely bubble baths all month long. My favourites have been the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Think Pink Bath Bomb which fizzles into a sweet smelling centre of mini pink and red hearts.

Peppermint Tea

For some reason I always thought I hated peppermint tea, and boy was I wrong. I’m almost converted from green to peppermint, and it does wonders for an upset tummy. I love to wake up in the mornings and have a fresh peppermint brew to kick start the day.

Old School Headphones

I wasn’t always one for headphones, but there’s only so many hours a girl can put up with earphones digging in. I actually got these for my birthday, and I just freakin’ love them! I’ve had so much use out of them and the sound quality is pretty amazing for a cheapy pair, plus I’m a sucker for anything with Snoopy on it.

Nordic Vlogs

When is Estée not in my favourites? I just love that girl, full of life and laughter! She and her (handsome) boyfriend Aslan have left the hustle and bustle of busy London, and their beloved grey hound Reggie, and headed off for a Scandinavian road trip through the north of Europe. Watch their hilarious mishaps and adventures, and also beautiful sights and scenery.

Devious Maids

This TV series is has become my latest guilty pleasure, since Pretty Little Liars has almost wrapped for the summer season. Produced by the queen housewife herself, Miss Eva Longoria, the Devious Maids certainly radiate that sassy flare that the Desperate Housewives once had. A cast full of sexy, buxom Latina women, this show is definitely easy on the eyes (hello, Drew Van Acker!), plus it’s full of murder and secrets, so of course it’s a must watch!

Elen Levon

I didn’t even realise until recently that she’s an Aussie! Which instant makes me love her even more, plus some of her music is amazing! Especially, if you love a good pop sing along song that reminds you of summer!


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