Autumn Empties & Mini Review

Good morning all! For some reason I’ve woken up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, which will be spent partly studying for my exams but probably most likely watching the ol’ idiot box- the television (sorry, excuse that stupid Australian slang crap). So it’s Wednesday, blogging day here for me and of course I can’t let you all down so here are a few little items I’ve used almost, completely to the bottom and a little review on each. Hope you enjoy!

Autumn Empties & Mini Review | Cate Renée


I think I bought this product almost a year ago, and I’ve only just finished using it. The scent is heavenly and the application is smooth and silky leaving your skin feeling re-hydrated and soft during the colder months. It also doubles as bubble bath and shampoo, although I never tried it as shampoo it made wonderful big clouds of bubbles from only a tiny amount of the product. I must admit it is a little on the pricier sides of things but it does what it says and I couldn’t recommend this more to anymore. I’m dying to try out some of the delicious other flavours/scents- Melon Daiquiri anyone?


I love anything from The Body Shop so it was no surprise that I fell in love with this scrub. The olive scent is very earthy and you’ll either love it or hate it- I obviously loved it. The scrub or “beads” as I say, aren’t too rough that they’ll leave your skin as red as a freshly picked tomato, but instead are very delicate and gentle, which is a bonus especially if you have sensitive skin. I find it helps remove any flakiness or dead skin and leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and smooth as a babies bottom!


Oh my lord, words do not begin to describe the emotions I feel for this mascara! Recommended from Tanya Burr, I bought this on a whim, days before a school dinner dance last year and was so shocked at the quality of this mascara- seeing as it was from the drugstore. I find that I naturally have very short, barely-there kind of lashes so when I apply this it really does give the “falsies” effect; lengthening, darkening and defining them. For only a few pennies you could save yourself a fortune, especially if you rely on actual false eyelashes for a night out. I say the falsies mascara from Maybelline does just the same job, or slightly better.


I used this product up a while ago, so I can’t remember exactly if I loved it. I find a lighter weight moisturiser is essential for the hotter months and I used this throughout the entire summer. I can’t remember why I bought this either, considering I am an avid user of Clean & Clear’s Essential Mosituriser, but from memory it applies really nicely and doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky and oily ten minutes later. I will admit I haven’t bought it again since, but if you have combination type of skin then this product would be perfect for you.


This item is my holy grail of all hair products. I started using this about a year to two years ago, as my hairdresser applied it every time I got my hair done, and I think now this may be my fourth or fifth bottle of it… oops, sorry not sorry. It helps repair and restore split ends, although I don’t suffer majorly from split ends I find it works well as a finishing leave-in conditioner type thing. It smells amazing- kind of fruit salad-y and works absolute miracles on your hair. I swear by this product and never leave home without it.

OXY 10

So recently I discovered the hard way that all face masks aren’t great. I bought a real cheap and nasty one the other week and it left my poor face breaking out left, right and centre. I was in desperate need of something to quickly zap those pesky spots and came across an old favourite of mine. I started using Oxy 10 a few years ago when my skin was pretty terrible- who could blame me I was a teenager- still am! But within a few days the spots were gone and I was feeling back to normal. It does contain 10% Benzoyl Peroxide which is what cures the spots by drying them up until the scabs fall off, so make sure you consult an adult/pharmacist about this before you purchase it. Oxy does also comes in smaller percentages of Benzoyl Peroxide.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find this miracle product anywhere on the inter-web but I’m 99% sure it is still stocked in Target, Priceline and any other drugstore. Go into the colder months my nails recently have become a little shotty and have started to flake and become brittle. Another product I once used many moons ago but pull it back out for a little hand and nail rescue. I wouldn’t say it entirely works in 8 hours but after a couple applications I did start to notice a difference. I am currently on the hunt for the OPI Nail Envy, which I’ve heard amazing reviews on.


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