Blog Organisation Tips

Blogging Organisation 101 | Cate Renée

I’ve been in among the blog-o-sphere for a few months now and I’ve since learnt that hard work and preparation that goes into blogging, and in doing so have found a few things tips and tricks help me to stay on track.

  • Keep a timetable or clear schedule with upcoming posts and ideas. This is probably the ultimate key to being organised and staying on track.
  • Now if you’re an organised freak like me and write months in advance to uploading, make sure you draft all your work!
  • Take blog photos in bulk, because there will come a rainy Sunday that you really cannot be arsed to.
  • Carry a notebook, solely for blogging purposes- you never know when a great idea may pop into your head. Plus this way it’s much easier to recall what you love for a monthly favourites post.
  • Be positive (as much as you can be), it can be very hard at times but simply surrounding yourself with happy people and doing more of what you love can make a huge difference in the quality of your writing.
  • Stay inspired and look for inspiration everywhere; read magazines, scroll through Tumblr and Pinterest, chat to friends and see what they’re interested in or want to know.
  • Remember it is okay to say no and take a break every now and then. Don’t punish yourself if a post doesn’t go live when you wanted it too- shit happens, and to the best of us.

These are just a few simple things I like to keep in mind, but remember we’re all human and no one of us is perfect, unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw and in that case (to me) you’re pretty damn close to it. So feel free to leave thoughts, suggestions, and tips below and spread the blogging and organisational fever.