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Book Haul | Cate Renée

With the Christmas period now behind us I’ve finally found some time to sit down, chill out and pick up one of the many new books I’ve acquired over the past few weeks. I was lucky enough to receive a selection of books for Christmas from my family and have also had two passed onto me from a dear friend. I wrote in my previous post that a goal I had set for myself in 2017 was to read a book every month, and although I’ve yet to get stuck in there is still eight days left of January. Two weeks ago my Mum and I traveled up north to Karratha for a week to spend some time with her best friend from high school and her family. This trip inspired me to really kick start a new healthy lifestyle and to become a more positive and happy person. My Mum’s friend Linda kindly gave me Melissa Ambrosini’s book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, as well as Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy.

I’m really hoping I stick this goal out and can update you a few times throughout the year on what I’ve been enjoying reading wise and any other book recommendations I swear by. But for now I better get my head buried into one of these if I ever want to finish by the end of the month.

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