Reverse Braided Updo

Braidy Bunch | Cate Renée

As I am sure many of you know I’m currently in the process of growing my hair out long again, and while I’m trying to stray away from heat and styling products, I’ve succumb to the whole “boho” look, and braids have become my new favourite thing! I’ve named this do the Double Dutch Knotted Bun, which is super easy to do with every hair type.

Braidy Bunch | Cate Renée

Firstly part your hair down the centre of your head, the straighter the better. Section on side off and secure out the way. Start at the top of the other side and begin a reverse French braid, or Dutch braid. Basically instead of adding hair into the braid, add each added section of hair under the braid- if that makes any sense at all!

Make sure to keep your braid as tight as possible, unless you want a more effortlessly laid back look. But for today I was going for a more polished look. Once you’ve finished braiding, secure the end with a mini or clear hair elastic, and repeat on the other side.

You should have two normal looking reverse braids. Now’s the fun part… tie the two in a knot like so.

Braidy Bunch | Cate RenéeBraidy Bunch | Cate Renée

Pin the knot in place with hairspray coated bobby pins. Now tuck the two ends underneath and pin, unless your hair is super long, and in which case I’m jelly, then continue to swirl your hair around the knot until your desired look and secure with pins.

A quick spray with a good quality freeze-hold hairspray, and voilà you’ve got the look down pat!

This look is perfect for second or third day hair!

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