Cate Renée is a PR friendly blog and we’re more than happy to receive emails regarding: sample products, sponsorships, advertising, and possible collaborations.

Products received and not purchased with my own money are thoroughly tested over a short period of time. If I still love such product/s after the period is over then it will be considered for a review or will feature in an upcoming blog post. In no way does this affect my opinion and blog posts featuring such promotions and/or compensations will clearly state this in the top line of the post and marked with an asterisk (*) next to the product. Please remember I have the right to not feature a product on Cate Renée. Any posts not marked with an (*) have been purchased with my own money.

Some links on Cate Renée may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on an affiliate link and purchase an item from the retailer, I may receive a small percentage of your purchase and/or small commission. Affiliate links are not marked with an (*) but where applicable are marked beneath blog posts tags.

I only recommend products that I genuinely love and would happily recommend to a friend. Please take into account that not every product I love and recommend will necessarily work for you or your skin type.

For more information or if you interested in collaborating with me then please contact me via email at

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