Crushing On: Cotton On Body Easter Loungewear

Whilst I’m still struggling with the current warm temperatures in Perth this week and fearing that Autumn is no where in sight, I’ve spent the last few of my days browsing the shops and the web. I’ll be honest with you all, I’ve never really been one for matching pyjamas and instead have a crumpled drawer of old mismatched clothing items. But this autumn and winter I want to turn that around and have a lovely selection of soft loungewear and matching pyjamas that reside in a neatly folded fashion. I’ve been absolutely crushing on this new Easter collection from Cotton On Body since I spotted it in the store window last weekend.


Crushing On: Cotton On Body Easter Loungewear | Cate Renée

The selection of colours in the range are totally mellow with soft shades of pink and mint mixed with classics creams, navy and grey. With jumpers and long johns to thin cotton tops and trackies, any of these beauties would make the perfect gift this Easter. Basically this Easter collection is screaming out to be worn on a rainy day curled up in front of the telly whilst having a Friends marathon and consuming copious amounts of chocolate. I certainly won’t be waiting much longer to pick any of the collection up as I’m very sure they will sell out of stock like hot cakes.