DIY Flavoured Fruit Water

DIY Flavoured Fruit Water | Cate RenéeDIY Flavoured Fruit Water | Cate Renée

Do you ever catch yourself sipping away at your water bottle to cure a case of boredom? Me too. I am a huge advocate of trying to drink those all important eight glasses of water every day, but usually struggle to make it half way through. Next question- ever bought flavoured water? Well, as much as I do enjoy a dragonfruit flavoured bottle, nine times out of ten they are loaded full of sugar and other nasty ingredients, so I’ve tried and tasted all the possible combinations of fruit under the sun for a more natural and healthier alternative.


Raspberry, Pomegranate & Lime
Blueberry, Kiwi & Mint or Basil
Passionfruit, Orange & Lime
Orange, Lemon & Mint
Blueberry, Orange & Lime

These drinks are super refreshing and not to mention much healthier than soft drink or flavoured water, and are perfect for the upcoming summery months we’re experiencing down under.

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