Easter Ramble

I cannot believe it’s already Easter! This year just seems to be flying by in the blink of an eye. The typical unorganised me didn’t quite realise it was Easter till last week, so I didn’t really have anything planned for Easter this year, except a small family dinner on the Monday night at my Nan’s. I haven’t really done anything special, on Good Friday my friend visited, yesterday I worked and today I stayed in my pyjamas all day and relaxed with my family. After a day of doing nothing, I was treated to a lovely home-cooked roast chicken dinner made by my Mother, who ever-so-kindly made a special serving of Cauliflower Cheese- my favourite and Apple Crumble for ‘dirt’- the term used for dessert in our house.

On another note, the warm nights seem to be cooling down dramatically, which means more winter-y pyjamas and bringing out the onesies! As being so small, I’m only just 5 foot, I find that if I shop in the children’s department that the chances of finding pyjamas that actually fit is more likely and I felt that these ones were only appropriate for Easter.

So prior to Easter arriving, I mentioned to my Mum that I wasn’t so interested in bucket-loads of chocolate this Easter- trying to be good, and instead of bulk chocolate and devouring 1000 calories in ten minutes, she opted for a book- a health book. I’d had my eye on The Body Book by Cameron Diaz for a few months, since it came out. I’m yet to finish it completely, and when I do I’ll try do a blog post on it, but so far it has definitely taught me a thing or two about my body and soul, and the constant love and support it deserves and desires.


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