ECOYA Limited Edition Summer Candles

ECOYA Limited Edition Summer Candles

I love candles, I mean who doesn’t? I would even go as far to say that I collect them and my absolute favourites are by ECOYA. And what I like most about them, aside from their range of scents, is that they’re made form natural soy wax – this means they are better for allergy sufferers, safer for the environment and tend to burn for longer and more evenly. I love to burn candles during the winter months and get all cosy with a movie and be surrounded by lots of flickering lights. I’d never really associated candles with summer until ECOYA released their gorgeous collection of summery scents. I had originally planned on giving these away as presents for Christmas and birthdays but instead I’ve decided to be selfish and keep them – but still make as beautiful gifts. The limited edition range features four fragrances “inspired by summer across Australasia” and “capture the essence of Australia, New Zealand, Bali and the South Pacific”. The product and packaging design is suited to the summery beach vibes of this collection, with each box featuring a different hue of the Indian and Pacific Ocean: turquoise, deep blue, green and pale blue. Each 400g jar also offers a burn time of up to 80 hours. And since I’m terrible at describing scents I’ll leave you with the lovely blurb from each candle.

Aquamarine & Sandalwood // Inspired by an Australian Summer

With light floral elements infused with the crisp saltiness of the sand and sea, this scent has a heart of amber and a base of sandalwood, blended with strong aquamarine notes throughout. It reflects the essence of early morning swims and the salty ocean air. I love how calming and at peace this scent makes me feel and it really connects me to my childhood where I grew up playing in the sand and swimming in the sea at Stark Bay, Rottnest Island. Growing up my grandparents had a boat and every summer holidays they would ferry my cousins, my sister and I there for a few days of vitamin sea, Uno and endless icy poles. Australian beaches are some of the best in the world and I am so lucky to call this place my home.

Coastal Kowhai & Fig // Inspired by a New Zealand Summer

Inspired by warm beach days and cool, cloudless evenings, this fragrance features heady top notes of lush New Zealand greenery, a heart of jasmine and fig, and a base of coastal cedarwood and kowhai. This fragrance evokes fond memories of New Zealand summer days. I have never been the biggest fan of figs or fig-scented things until this last year where I’ve grown more of an appreciation for fresh seasonal produce, eating cleaner and enjoying what nature has to offer. The last time I visited New Zealand I was three years old and so the memories are pretty much non-existent but the freshness of this fig scent is so heavenly and has me dreaming of spending a summer on New Zealand shores some time soon.

Sun-Kissed Lime & Sea Salt // Inspired by a Bali Summer

Sparkling citrus and sage sit atop a floral-ozone heart and a base of moss, patchouli and sandalwood. The incense offers perfumes of blossoming greenery, fresh fruit cocktails and island spices transporting you to balmy Balinese evenings by the beach. I’ve traveled to Bali twice before and am currently planning my next trip there for my 21st birthday with my family in July 2018. There’s something about the humidity on those balmy evenings that has me craving a mojito with fresh mint and lime and wanting to take a dip in the pool. I love lounging around all day and shopping the bargains at night before tucking into delicious cuisines at the many fabulous restaurants on offer.

Salted Coconut & White Jasmine // Inspired by a South Pacific Summer

Inspired by coconuts on the beach, sparkling citrus fruits and crystal clear South Pacific waters, top notes of lemon and lime, bergamot and grapefruit atop a warm musky vanilla base. This fragrance has perfectly captured long days on the sun-baked sand and sunsets and the beach. There’s nothing more I could do with right now than a vacation to the South Pacific. Possibly one of the most dreamy destinations in the southern hemisphere, full of pristine beaches, leafy palm trees and all the coconuts! Island life seems so peaceful and calming, but also like an awesome venue for a bonfire party. I promise as soon as I’ve saved enough pennies I’ll be booking my one way ticket to paradise – hello permanent sun tan.


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