Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Autumn

Essential oil diffuser blends autumn fall

It’s been well over a year now since my family and I started using essential oils and now I can’t imagine our life without them. Diffusing essential oils is by far our favourite way to use them and there’s just about one in every room of our house now! As someone who loves to make potions and mix drinks, creating new diffuser blends came so naturally to me and I love to try out new combinations. This autumn we’re showing our spicy oils a lot of love, especially Passion, Ginger and Cardamom. When you’re first getting started with mixing up blends it’s best to keep it simple with only two or three oils, then when you feel more confident and understand which oils compliment other oils then start incorporating more into your blends. I tend to pick complimentary oils like citrus’, mints and spice. Some other Autumn diffuser blend combos you could try may include: citrus and spice, citrus and woodsy, floral and spice or citrus and floral. Below are 10 of my favourite diffuser blends for Autumn to help support immune health, a good night’s rest and a few to make your house smell amazing.

Autumn Diffuser Blends

Hello Autumn
2 drops Cardamom + 2 drops Cassia + 2 drops Cypress

By The Fire
2 drops Cedarwood + 2 drops Grapefruit + 1 drop Cinnamon

Sunday Afternoon
3 drops Citrus Bliss + 2 drops Patchouli + 1 drop Cassia

Good Night, Sleep Tight
3 drops Wild Orange + 2 drops Juniper Berry + 1 drop Clove

Chai Latte
2 drops Cardamom + 2 drops Ginger + 1 drop Cinnamon

Mother’s Day
2 drops Clary Sage + 2 drops Whisper + 2 drops Wild Orange

Under The Weather
2 drops Citrus Bliss + 2 drops On Guard + 1 drop Arborvitae

Cosy Under The Covers
3 drops Passion + 2 drops Siberian Fir

Spice Up Your Life
4 drops Lime + 1 drop Black Pepper + 1 drop Cinnamon

Fresh Linen
3 Lavender + 2 drops Eucalyptus

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