Goodbye 2015

Going Out With A Bang! | Goodbye 2015 | Cate Renée

Hello there again, I do hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas break and is slowly recovering from the countless food comas and numerous leftovers. I for one am currently delving into the last slither of my sister’s birthday cheesecake – she’s a Christmas Eve baby and it’s chocolate and bloody delicious – on this very balmy evening.

What a year 2015 has been; many memories were made and milestones achieved. I’ve finally finished high school forever and boy were there some times I certainly doubted I’d ever get to the end of it. But I have and now looking back I wouldn’t have changed my schooling experience for the world and am so thankful for all the life lessons and friends I discovered along the way. Along with graduating I also turned 18 this year and passed my driving test.

So seeing as 2016 is literally just around the corner, I just wanted to say a very quick yet rambly thank you to all you wonderful people who continue to read this little space of the internet and support my hobby that I really hope one day could become my full time job. But for now I am very content with writing and producing content for the pleasure of it. I hope next year will be a good’n, which I have no doubt it will be, and to kick it off I’ll be heading down south for a week in late January. So be on the lookout for some lovely food and winery shots to come. I’ve also compiled a small list of goals for the blog next year, to which I have a more in depth post coming in the new year, but for now I plan to expand my horizons within my travel category, and to go in hand with that, mid-next-year I’ll be jet setting around the world for six weeks. Expect lots of Mediterranean, travel beauty, and scenery happy snaps. But for now I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year and look forward to an exciting and busy 2016.

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