Hair Update: I Got Bangs!

Hair Update: I Got Bangs! | Cate Renée

I finally grew some lady balls and cut my hair! Not the regular “I’ve chopped it off into a swishy lob” thing I seemed to have done twice over the last three or four years, but instead the excitement of “I got bangs”. I’d wanted to cut my hair into a style but something a little different and off my own beaten track, and so over the last couple of weeks with all the global fashion week models bombing my Instagram feed, the swept curtain bangs kept reappearing and almost spoke to me. It was daring (for me), definitely different, but something that was still manageable and would change up the straggly look of my current do. Last Thursday was the day, I was armed with an image of Hilary Duff I found on Pinterest and was ready for the change. Three hours and a whole new me later… this is the result.

Hair Update: I Got Bangs! | Cate Renée

I also tried out Olaplex for the first time, which is basically a fancy hair treatment that claims to reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair – yes I had to Google what that meant too – meaning my hairdresser could take my colour throughout the lengths of my hair and allow it to cook for longer. Without this and in past times when I’ve had my hair coloured with bleach it tends to feel very frizzy and in desperate need of a coconut oil treatment. But I can very happily say that my hair feels even healthier than it did before and is ultra silky.

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