Happy New Year! 2017 Goals & Blog Updates

Happy New Year! 2017 Goals & Blog Updates | Cate Renée

Hello again, I want to start this blog post off by saying I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve and aren’t now suffering from a hangover. As today marks the first day of 2017, I, like I’m sure most people, have decided to wipe the slate clean and start the year fresh and have gathered myself a list of goals and blog updates I thought I’d better announce before its suddenly March and we’re already three months into the new year.


I’ve got several personal goals I want to achieve for myself this year, the main one being is to have a bit of a lifestyle change in regards to my health: cutting out gluten and lactose products and getting more active. I don’t want to make that necessarily a goal for the year, but rather a change forever. I’ve always struggled eating and digesting foods high in gluten or dairy products – except cheese thank god! And for the most part I’ve found alternative items to substitute, but this year I really want to start feeding my body more raw and wholesome foods. On that note I might also add that I’ve never been one for exercise. I mean I participated in team sports as a child but nothing much after those early teen years. The one physical exercise I actually don’t mind is swimming – I used to swim a lot and it’s something I rather enjoy. Although I don’t have a swimming pool of my own, there is a local pool about three minutes from my house and I’ve even scored myself a snazzy one piece from Christmas to sport. So here’s hoping I don’t give up on that in five minutes… I’m sure my hairdresser won’t be loving this one.

Health goals aside, I’ve also written a few more in the Notes section of my iPhone: to be more selfish and enjoy the odd #treatyoself moment once or twice a week; whether that be a facial or new top, to read a book every month, utilise my social media better, have more adventures and to improve my photography skills when it comes to blog photos.

Blog updates

As 2017 is going to be a year of change for me, there are also a few things around here that require a little tweaking and improving. Firstly is my new upload schedule which will consist of two or three posts each week on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and occasionally on a Friday or a Sunday at 5pm AWST – that of course is subject to change but for now is set in stone. Another is I’m hoping once a month, roughly in the middle of the month I can share what makeup I’ve been wearing in the form of a Makeup Menu. And lastly, to match up with my personal goal of reading a book each month I thought I’d write a small review of my thoughts on each book that I read just like a mini book club.


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