How To Survive The Monday Blues

How To Survive The Monday Blues | Cate Renée

Monday, probably the most dreaded day of the week, either you’re back to school, back to work, or back to reality! The Monday blues can be such a bitch, especially during the colder months when it’s all dark and gloomy outside, and all you really want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. I for one am not a morning person- even that’s putting it lightly- and have found that a few of these tips below can really brighten up the day and make it bearable.


Pop a few slices in the bottom of your shower, and allow the citrus and stem soak into your skin. This will not only wake your body right up, but it leaves you feeling refreshed and not so sleepy for the day ahead. Plus who wouldn’t want a hit of fresh lemon in the morning!


I’m usually one to do this on a Sunday evening in front of the TV, but by all means if you have enough time in the morning, whack on a coat or two of your favourite lacquer. I really believe in the difference pretty nails can make to boost your mood, especially when you’ve had a stressful week or a big test.


Yep, I mean the eggs, the bacon, hashbrowns, beans, sausages, the full Monty, or whatever you heart desires. When it comes to eating breakfast I can be super lazy and usually just avoid the whole subject all together, but this soon comes to bite me in the behind around 11am. Whilst I’m all for promoting healthy eating, my motto when it comes to breakfast is that, if here’s food on my plate, that’s all that really matters. Although I would try to avoid eating Fruit Loops every day of the week.


Listen to an upbeat and positive playlist whilst spending a few extra minutes doing your makeup. For some reason I find doing my makeup very therapeutic, and like to spend a few extra minutes not rushing my look. This way you have the chance to change up your look slightly, either pop on a bright lippy, or add some extra fullness to your brows, whatever. But also listening to a happy and fun playlist of tunes can really boost your mood at the same time.


Wear something that you feel comfortable in, and that makes you feel happy and positive. I know sometimes we are only restricted to wearing a school or work uniform, but even still you can experiment and express your style a little. Wear on that chunky ring you love, or throw on a bright coloured scarf. If you are lucky enough to have freedom reign over what you wear, then go all out! Being happy and comfortable in an outfit is essentially key to how you’ll feel throughout the day.

There you have it, my five tips for surviving those Monday blues! I really believe that even doing one or two of these picks my spirits up in no time. If you have any tips of your own please feel free to leave them below.

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