Lush Iced Wine Shower Jelly

Lush Iced Wine Shower Jelly | Cate Renée

I don’t know if this is a little TMI but this little gem sat on my desk for around a week after my birthday before I got around to using it, and I kid you not I would smell it on the daily! LUSH products have become my closet obsession at the moment, although you can’t really call it a closet obsession if almost everyone knows how much you adore their products!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that sucks at describing scents, I mean who can say they’re a professional scent smeller… no one! I’ll try my best though, the LUSH Iced Wine Shower Jelly smells fresh and fruity, with hints of grapefruit and orange. When lathered, a wave of citric fragrance fills the steaming air of the shower, and sends me into a tropical summery dream!

Into the product even more, you only need the tiniest amount of the jelly to work into your skin, which eventually builds up into a thick lather of joy. And just like the name says it is the actual consistency of jelly, which was a bit of a task to try keep in my hands. I left it on the skin for a little while extra than your everyday ordinary soap, mostly because it smelt too good to wash off straight away. After rinsing, my skin felt silky and smooth as a baby’s bottom- a term I don’t use very lightly. So moisturising, I didn’t even need to use an after shower moisturiser, which is convenient for those who need utilise every moment of the morning rush.

On a whole, for someone who doesn’t usually like grapefruity-orange scents, I fell in love with this shower jelly! Only needing a small portion for each use, this is perfect for travelling and I predict will be a super long-lasting product.


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