May Favourites & Life Update

And here we are again as yet another month has whizzed on by for 2016. May felt like a super busy month, which leads me to say that I didn’t really discover anything new this month and that’s why I’ve combined this monthly favourites post with a bit of a life update. I am buzzing with excitement to now be heading into June where I’m off on a trip of a lifetime around Europe and Dubai, post explaining everything to come in the following weeks.

May Favourites & Life Update | Cate Renée


I haven’t got a great deal of beauty products in this post as I was having a bit of a makeup free month, until I rediscovered my love for orange-y red lips and how much whiter they can make your teeth look. In particularly I’ve been reaching for the Maybelline Colour Drama in Fab Orange, a fabulous matte lip crayon that is more orange toned than red with incredible colour pay off, and the L’Oreal Colour Riche shade in Perfect Red that has more of a sheer finish but is super buildable. I’ve switched up my brow routine since they’ve become more fuller in shape, and have resorted back to an old favourite to fill them in with, the MAC 266 angled brush and Charcoal Brown eyeshadow. For more lifestyle pieces I’ve loved throughout May, they vary from a new pair of specs to a gluten free take on a beloved Italian dish. At the beginning of the month I began to shop around for a new pair of glasses since getting a new prescription and found these beauties from Gucci’s latest collection. I wanted something more soft and subtle for my petite face and found that a tortoiseshell design was the way to go. As promised, the gluten free dish that I’ve been salivating over is this wonderful packet of pre-made potato gnocchi. Cook in boiling salty water and add into a delicious spicy tomato and olive sauce and you’ll be singing my praises in no time! My last favourite of the month is a Snapchat account – viviannamakeup. For a year or more now I have religiously watched Vivianna Does Makeup on YouTube, but since following her on the app I haven’t laughed so hard or related to someone as much as Anna.

Life update

I feel like I’ve got so much I want to update you all on but it really comes down to a few individual things. For most of my life I, and my parents, would say that I’m a pretty terrible sleeper. I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to fall asleep easily, wake up at a specific time, and struggle to stay awake during the evening where nine times out of 10 I would give in and have an hour or more nap. I have tried everything from meditating to no caffeine and technology, as well as listening to soothing music and even sleeping spray remedies and pills. It seems as though in the last six months this sleeplessness and what I believe is almost partial insomnia has worsen. My sleep schedule is virtually non-existent which therefore impacts on my day-to-day life and also my physical and mental well-being. As I don’t naturally wake up early my eating schedule and meal times are thrown out of whack, causing me to graze on (sometimes healthy) snacks until dinner later that night. I can’t stress enough how much this has made me feel miserable and I’d try almost anything now to get back into routine again. I’ve also had a lingering minor head cold for the last few months which could be a result of my sleep issues. But in saying that, I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to eat healthier foods and drink more water to prevent my body from totally shutting down on me. I’m also exercising more than I have ever in five years with regular beach walks and small amounts of at-home weight training and cardio.

Another huge pressure I feel is to decide on which career path I want to take in life. I was one of those kids in high school who had no bloomin’ clue what they wanted to do and whose friends were all the “doctors and lawyers” type of people. I look back now and growing up I would probably change what career I wanted ever couple of weeks – we went through the cop, interior designer, nurse, Kardashian and quarantine officer phase many times. I’m hoping this huge holiday/change of scenery will allow me to experience life a little bit and be more open to new opportunities and broaden my horizons. Who knows a year from now I could be living in another city, London anyone? And so here I am sitting in bed at 1am on a now Friday morning typing up this posts because you know, I can’t sleep. I’ve got so much exciting content going up in June and July, and with less than three weeks until I leave I’ve got so much to check off my to-do list. Be sure to stay tuned for those awesome travel posts, and you can follow my crazy adventure on Instagram (@itscaterenee) and by checking up the #CateReneeTravels and #CatesEuropeanSummer.


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