Monthly Roundup: November

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So if you haven’t already picked up on it yet, I haven’t really been on the monthly roundup/favourites ball this year, and I think I may have only done two or three actual posts. But with that being said I’ve been loving a few things throughout October and November, and also promised myself that 2016 will be the year for monthly favourites. But enough rambling and let’s get into it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This super hyped about mascara totally deserves every rave it receives, and I for one am no exception. Usually I’m very picky when it comes to mascara and not many live up to my expectations, but this baby is perfect at distributing the right amount of product, lengthening and defining my lashes, and giving them that “Bambi” fanned out effect. And as for formulation, you can honestly do no wrong with any of the mascaras by Maybelline.

Revlon Brow Maker in Light Brown

Finally I’ve grown out my brows to their former glory, after a year or so of majorly filling them in with MAC’s Charcoal Brown – thank you Tanya Burr! Now that I have a somewhat more natural shape, it’s become easier to fill them in as I don’t requires as much product to do so. I’ve been leaning more towards the darker shade in the palette that gives my brows a more natural finish. This mini trio of colours is perfect for any girls with blonde to medium light brown hair, and wanting a not-so-strong brow.

MAC Lipstick in Plumful

Ahh MAC you continue to blow me away with your beautiful formulations and colour selection in your lipstick range. This pinky-toned plum shade looks incredible on the lips and feels super hydrating and moisturising. Over the past few months Plumful has made it’s way into the bottom of my handbag, there to be used whenever I feel like and somehow I don’t think it’s going to make it out anytime soon.

Caudalie Moisturising Mask

A recent purchase (read all about it here) that has completely changed the complexion of my skin. For a while I went through an awful dry-but-oily-yet-dehydrated patch where my skin was all over the shop, but after a complete change-up of my skincare routine and introduction of this moisturising gem, my skin has never looked better. I usually apply this mask twice a week, and if my skin’s feeling particularly dry I’ll sleep in it overnight.

The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream

I’ve always been a huge advocate of The Body Shop and their hand creams, and usually I tend towards something super sweet and fruity, but this past month I’ve been loving this more toned down and natural scent for my hands. And if you want something that”ll instantly bring moisture to your hands you can’t give this one a miss (*reapplies). It’s also the perfect size for your handbag or as a stocking stuffer!

Jergens Natural Glow Gradual Tanner

I picked up this bottle a little while ago as I’m not one for actual fake tanner- the thought of applying pure orange/brown cream to my body would just end in disaster. I’ve used other gradual tanners in the past, hello Dove Summer Glow, but this one throws it out of the ball park. I can actually notice a difference in skin colour within a couple of hours after application, and the colour is super natural and brown, rather than orange toned. This also does not feature that putrid smell like other tanners out there.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

A bit of an odd favourite but hey everyone uses toothpaste. I’ve been testing out this one for a little over a month now and while I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference in the whiteness of my teeth, they do appear to be less “tea stained” and more brighter. I also really like the taste of this toothpaste which isn’t too minty but still leaves you with that fresh feeling.

Zebra Dream Organic Choc Mint Ice Cream

Oh lord I should really do a post about my partial gluten and dairy intolerance’s- I always say I will but never get around to it. Anyways my Mum actually discovered a small health food shop near my house and to my great joy I discovered the wonderful brand that is Zebra Dream Organic Ice Cream. For you non-dairy eaters this bad boy is dairy, gluten and soy free, and also contains half the sugar that normal ice cream tends to have. Plus it’s incredibly delicious and still sweet, so I only really eat a few teaspoons at a time.


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