My Fake Tanning Routine

My Fake Tanning Routine | Cate Renée

I could never have imagined myself to be sat down writing a whole blog post on fake tanning, let alone my routine and all about my new found love for it! Up until January this year, I was a DIY fake tan virgin. I’d experimented in the past with gradual tanner and a salon spray tan but never a tanning foam – how many times can one use tan in a sentence! The main reason I had always been too afraid to give it a go was due to friend whose love for tan with met with a heavy hand and something resulting in oompa loompa vibes on numerous occasions. But I put those thoughts aside and kept an open mind when another friend’s Mum suggested I give this one a go for a more natural look.

So the product in the hot seat is the Le Tan Coconut Water Self Tanning Foam which is actually a green based colour. I find the colour to leave a really nice glow, more of a sun tan brown look than a faux glow, and would certainly recommend this to any fellow pasty white girls out there. It’s beyond easy to apply as all you need it a mitt to do so which helps to achieve a smooth, even coat – although I still find I’m calling out for my Mum or sister to do my back. I almost forgot that one of the main things I love about this product is the scent! I hate the regular scent of fake tanners but this one has a super subtle hint of coconut to it. Are we keeping score of how many times I’ve said “tan” in this post yet?

As for my fake tanning routine it’s pretty basic: shower, exfoliate with The Body Shop Pinita Colada Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub or Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, shave and another light exfoliate. I only tend to apply the foam to my body for one to two hours for a warm, natural glow but if I’m wanting to go a little darker then around three hours will do the trick. For my face I will only leave the product on for around 15 minutes towards the end before I jump in the shower and rinse off. As I mentioned before this product has completely changed my perspective on the world of fake tanning and has made such a difference to the way I look in certain colours and clothes, overall adding an extra confidence booster. Tan tally: 14

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