My Most Used Apps For Blogging

My Most Used Apps For Blogging | Cate Renée

When it comes to blogging there’s nothing more I’m currently passionate about, except for discovering new apps which are perfect for bloggers. I love my phone and am generally on it for a few hours each day; pinning, tweeting and sharing with you what I’m feeling or liking in that moment. But aside from social media, I’ve got a whole section dedicated to my blogging apps that keeps me organised and on-track but also creatively inspired!

My first favourite and most obvious would be for you to have your own blog “app” which is just a fancy way of saying a direct link to your blog from the home page of your phone. Simply add your blog link from Safari or other browser and save it to your home page. As for the more boring sides of things and keeping organised, especially if your blog is hosted by Blogger, apps I love include: Google Calendar, Gmail, Blogger and Hootsuite. Google Calendar is a bit of a blogging saviour to me and I love how you can create an editorial calendar online and with one click of the save button, your calendar is updated to every other device you’re logged into. This makes it super easy for an indecisive post planner like myself to chop and change posts around the different months just by dragging it to another date. Gmail is an obvious one as well because everyone needs to check their emails and by utilising this app I instantly feel more on top of things. Blogger is only really necessary if you actually use Blogger as your host website. I love this app because even though I edit all my blog posts before they go live, I do find the occasional grammar error and want to correct it quick spot. I also use this one when I’m out and about and need to change something or am on a long train journey and want to edit a post. Hootsuite was an app I discovered pretty early on and is perfect for any blogger always on the go. Now I always schedule my tweets and Facebook posts for when new content goes live and is also a way to keep my social media accounts active and allow for more traffic flow to my blog.

The notes app that comes with Apple products is a big one for me, mostly due to the fact I feel way more creative at night and that’s when the majority of my blog post ideas come to me. So with those midnight light bulb moments I quickly punch them out into my notes and then refer back to them at a later date – I also tend to do this with my monthly favourites posts too. Bloglovin’ is what I like to call “the magazine for bloggers” where you can find almost every bloggers latest posts and articles all in one place. I’ve now subscribed to a million different bloggers who I love and can now read all their posts without having to mess about. When I’m lacking a little creativity and am stuck as to what to write about, a browse through Pinterest and Polyvore certainly saves the day. As a visual learner I love the instant inspiration and ideas that I get just from looking at bright and colourful words and images.

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