My New Beauty Set-Up

My New Beauty Set-Up | Cate RenéeMy New Beauty Set-Up | Cate RenéeMy New Beauty Set-Up | Cate Renée

I love a good beauty vanity as much as the next person but the lazy in me tells me that sitting on the floor will do just fine. Although I already have a beautiful set of drawers and ginormous mirror where I could stand to do my makeup, I keep finding myself choosing the floor by a window with natural light option. I had been shopping around for a while now trying to find the right sized table to fit in my awkward space in between my drawers and full length mirror. Then I found this white round side table from Target which was a total bargain at $20 and fit perfectly. Initially, I wanted something where I could place my makeup whilst I was doing it then put it away, but this one is big enough to house my beauty staples along with my brushes and jewellery at all times. And so I’ve set up this mini beauty nook with all my favourite bits and bobs including this fake agave plant from Kmart which sits on top of the Lauren Conrad Beauty book along with my acrylic makeup holder and rose gold spotty trinket tray from Target. Now I love getting up in the mornings and slapping whatever on my face whilst enjoying a hot cup of tea and catching up on YouTube videos all from my new beauty set-up.


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