My (Very New) Workout Routine

My (Very New) Workout Routine | Cate Renée

After a brief, but very indulgent getaway down south and surviving the first week back at school, I’ve come home to the sudden realisation that I want to become a happier and healthier person- last year’s new year resolution- better late than never right? With the added benefit of a gluten, lactose, and part-time sugar free Mother- by choice might I add- I had the healthy eating sides of things sorted, but not so much the exercise. As I’ve never really been an exercise person or into running marathons, a simple yet effective routine of sort was in need. And as I’m not interested in working out six times a week, hours on end, or going to the gym, I devised a little routine that I dabble into a few times a week, or whenever I get the chance.

  • Skip rope for around 5-10 minutes- a fantastic warm up to get the heart rate going, plus a fast past song helps with encouragement.
  • A quick stretch of the arms and legs… you don’t want to ache the next day!- sun salutations are perfect for this.
  • Then try squat for the entirety of a song, which is equal to about 50 or so squats.
  • Pick a good, upbeat song and complete between 25 and 50 star jumps.
  • 40 Russian twists with either a folded skipping rope or light weight in hand.
  • As many burpees as I can bear, usually 15.
  • Something like 50 calf raises is a nice treat after burpees!
  • Walk up and down the length of the room doing lunges as you go, alternating legs each way.
  • Bicycle crunches for the chorus length of a song, repeating two or three times.
  • And an additional 25 star jumps to bring the workout to an end.
  • Lastly don’t forget to warm down, stretch all those muscles and regain your breath again. Yoga is a pleasant alternative to stretching.

I’ve also found that if I’m in a hurry and on the go the 7 Minute workout app is fabulous and a trainer talks you throughout the routine. There are many health and fitness apps available on the App Store so I encourage you to have a browse through and see what’s on offer! An energetic and fun playlist helps with the spirit of “you can do this”.