October Favourites

Oh boy does it feel like forever since I last did a monthly favourites post, but we’re here now and that is all that matters! This past month I’ve been loving quite a few random things, well, items other than fashion and beauty products.

Beyonce Heat EDT

A lovely present from a dear friend, I have been obsessed with this scent for a few months now! I mean it’s created by Queen B herself, so why wouldn’t I adore it? I’ll try my best at describing the scent which smells delightful with top notes of; peach, magnolia, and orchid, middle notes of; musk and honeysuckle, and base of; amber, tonka bean, and sequoia. It smells delicious and perfect for day to night usage.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation

This velvety foundation rapidly became my favourite foundation that I’ve ever used before! This pump application is super friendly and easy to use, leaving not a single drop to waste. For a full description of this beauty see my review here.

Nutrimetics Ultra Care Soothing Masque

This has been my dying saviour for my skin this past month, especially around “that time of the month”- oop oop look… there it is… yep I went there! A creamy clay consistency that drys matte on the skin, and after 20 minutes or so, a warm flannel to wash off leaves my skin feeling replenished and back to life.

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

I started this book when I went away down south earlier this month, and have yet to finish due to being super busy with school! But I am determined to read it up in the coming weeks as I have absolutely fallen in love with the characters- very relatable I might add.

Bed Bath N Table Pedestal Cups

My Mum actually bought a few of these for my birthday, and ever since we can’t get enough of them. It’s now become a temptation every time we walk past the store, we just can’t resist. They are the perfect size for a cup of tea and hot chocolates, plus we couldn’t make it past the pretty colours and designs.


Yep, not sure where this one came from but I am in love with almonds, and now I rarely leave the house without a few in my bag. The perfect snack for on the go, plus full of the right fats and protein, I even eat them sneakily in class.

Nature’s Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies

Finally I’ve found a multi-vitamin that doesn’t make me want to through up all day long! Even though they are indeed for kids, it recommends 2-3 daily for anyone over the age of four. These babies have been my best friend, and have saved me from many dangerous afternoon naps! I’ll be taking these delicious berry flavoured jubes throughout my exams too.

Taylor Swift 1989 Album

Taylor Swift… queen of the world- I read somewhere that she’s currently on 23 different magazine covers across the globe! I adore everything about her and her music is even better. Such sophisticated and harmonious songs that bring joy to anyone’s ears. Listen to her transformation from country to pop with her new album 1989.


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