Organic Care Eco Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner

Organic Care Eco Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner | Cate Renée

I’m not usually one to always chop and change my shampoo and conditioner routine, but since the first time I tested them out, I knew they would override everything. I first tried these two about a year ago when I stayed at cousin’s house, and instantly fell in love with how it made my hair feel after swimming for hours in chlorine and the unforgettable coconut scent. I didn’t quite realise how healthy they were until I brought them back from the shop and read the back of the label. Claiming to be vegan, I can only assume they mean no animal products were used in the making, and also stating it’s grey water friendly tick of approval.

I’ve been lathering this splendorous duo on my ends for a few months now, and what a difference I have seen in my hair. Not only has the overall growth of my hair sped up and almost grown back to my length prior to “doing the chop”, it has lost that caked up feeling I used to get with silicon and chemical fueled shampoos. I now can jumped straight out of the shower can comb through it with no knots and no hassle. Plus did I mention the high affordability of this hair miracle product? Only costing me around $5 each for almost a litres worth of product, which is crazy compared to some of my other shampoos and conditioners in my hair care line up that range between $5 and $17 for a small 250mL bottle.

I forgot to mention they also have a selection of shower and body items that I’m dying to try out, plus the heat protecting shampoo and conditioner has caught my eye! I couldn’t recommend this duo anymore than I’ve already raved about to everyone I’ve seen.

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