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Woah, the year is rapidly slipping out of our grasp, and before we know it, 2015 will be upon us. What a hectic, jam-packed, chaotic year I’ve had; a new school, way to many exams to humanly have to endure, the birth of the blog, the tragic passing of our two family cats, resigning from my casual retail position, and growing as an individual in general. Although it hasn’t been quite the best of years, I still feel like I’ve overcome a few hurdles of my own, and now the grass is a little greener. And soon enough my schooling days will be behind me forever! It’s scary to not know the outcome of the next year or what I’ll decide to do when school finishes- I think they call that “fear of the unknown”- I would love to put my whole heart and soul into blogging full time. It feels so strange to be constantly reminded by loved ones when they say “only one year left”. I mean all you have ever really known up until this point, apart from those few years of bliss watching Teletubbies and Play School, is school. The same routine for over 13 years of your life, and now we’ve been thrown off the deep end into the adult world, or real world- I don’t think I am quite prepared for the great seriousness that comes along with that lifestyle. I hope, fingers and toes and every other crossable thing crossed, that this final year of school treats me well, and I survive the dreaded 12 exams and copious amounts of essays and assignments I’ll receive, all whilst maintaining a somewhat social, happy, and healthy life.

As for now, I’ve kicked back into relaxed-summer-holiday-Christmas mode and am currently thinking up some summery themed blog posts for over the Christmas and New Year break. In five days from today Blogmas, blogging everyday until Christmas, will commence and the first of many seasonal and holiday inspired posts will go live. I’ll try my absolute hardest to upload them at the usual 4pm (Perth time), but don’t go kicking my toosh if they are a little behind schedule, or one day the world falls apart and a post isn’t uploaded- although I’ve had them planned for quite some time now and I’m pretty positive I’ll stay on schedule.

Okay, so if you’ve managed to weave your way through all that babble and you’re still here, I congratulate you and hope the rest of your day isn’t so heavy!


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