Revlon Colour Stay Foundation

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation | Cate Renée

I’m not usually one to buy a crap tonne of foundations or have many in my collection, as once I find one I love I usually stick to it for the century, but after my beloved and utterly used Bourjois 123 foundation had turned slightly orange for my current skin tone, I thought it was time to pick up something new! And as we’ve only just come out of winter in Australia my skin was a little on the paler side of things, so I went with one of the lightest colour the store had on offer- 150 Buff.

The formulation of this foundation is like no other leaving the finished application velvety and lush, and the staying power lasts all day, and potentially all night- although I’ve never worn it longer than about 12 hours. It mixes well with overlapping products like powder, blush, and bronzer, and works amazingly into the skin if buffed with a good brush.

In the past few weeks the weather has really warmed up here in Perth, and this foundation has been my go-to and withstands the heat and doesn’t melt right off my face, like other foundations I’ve previously used. I have nothing but complete praise for this beautifully crafted work of art, and I believe you all should get your hands on a bottle for yourselves.

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