Shop My Stash: Makeup I Forgot About

Shop My Stash: Makeup I Forgot About | Cate Renée

Whilst shopping and swatching what’s new in at the drugstore and sharing my latest beauty hauls with you guys is something that I love to do, I can all too often be caught up in the glitz and glam of new product releases that I push aside my other makeup, leaving it to be forgotten. But with a huge overhaul of my wardrobe and also my beauty collection, along with a big vacation looming, I’ve been in saving mode and avoiding the shops at all costs, and doing my best not to purchase anything I don’t particularly need for my holiday. So with that I’ve been putting every penny away into my holiday fund and whilst I was having a clear out I rediscovered some old goodies and forgotten favourites.

First up was a BB cream from Maybelline that I hadn’t gotten much worn out of since the summer months, mostly because I’ve been really lazy with putting on makeup at the moment and have just stuck to favourite foundation from Revlon. I forgot how amazing the Dream Pure BB Cream is and how much quicker it is to apply with my fingers, rather than a brush and foundation, plus it has SPF 15 included and formulated for more oilier skin types like mine. I’m thinking this one might have to be put back into my everyday stash. Another base product that “went missing” was this beautiful Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose from Physicians Formula. Not only did I forget about this product but also how amazing the brand is as a whole; I’m dying to try out some more products, especially their bronzers which are always raved about. Almost three years ago when I first visited Paris I was on a hunt to pick up all the latest hyped about MAC products, and this eyeshadow in the shade Naked Lunch was on the top of my list. A perfectly understated champagne pink that looks incredible as a base to any eye makeup, and certainly will make it’s way back into my more simpler makeup looks.

As far as mascaras go I feel like there cannot have been one from Maybelline that I have yet to try, with my most favourite and worn ones including The Falsies and Lash Sensational mascaras. But flash back to a year or two ago when I was wanting to achieve a more subtle makeup look for school, the Mega Plush Volum’ Express mascara was just perfect. It separated and flared my lashes out in a natural way but also added some volume and definition to my usually dull eyelashes. And last but not least, can we all remember when Revlon Lip Butters were all the rage? It doesn’t feel like that time was too long ago but it was long enough for me to push them to the back of my collection to be found another day. In particular the shade Juicy Papaya was the first lipstick that I allowed a YouTuber to influence me to buy. So thank you Tanya Burr, and now that I’ve rediscovered this glossy peach colour I’ll for sure be packing it in my holiday beauty bag.

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