Spring Cleaning: Beauty, Life & Soul

Spring Cleaning: Beauty, Life & Soul | Cate Renée

I am happy to report that today after much anticipation the spring weather has finally arrived! As someone who loves a good wardrobe purge and total clear out I love when this season rolls around and it suddenly becomes time for a little spring cleaning and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing in all areas of my life – beauty and soul included. So here’s exactly what I’ve done so far and my list to finish before the end of the season.


When it comes to makeup and beauty bits I’ll be the first to say that I can find any excuse to pick up something new every time I pop to the shops, and its because of this that I never really throw anything out. I know I’ve got at least several mascaras and lipsticks of the same shade variety all on-the-go at once and it wasn’t until I read an article about the shelf life of certain makeup products that it shocked me that I had probably allowed the growth of new types of mould species in a few of my mascara tubes – eek! And so I had a massive chuck out and really refined my collection down to what I used the most and gave away the bits that were still usable to my sister and friends. I hope to continue this throughout the rest of my skincare and hair products and even inform my family and friends to be more conscious of beauty expiry dates.


In one of my recent posts I mentioned that although I had shared an updated room tour back in February that I had bought a few new bits and bobs and added to my never ending bedroom refresh. I can now say that I’m 95% complete, bar a new coat of paint and to purchase my TV and wall bracket so I can then binge watch Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy at all hours of the day. Interiors aside, since my post on why the capsule wardrobe is not for me I’ve been sorting through wardrobe and having a major purge of a few style bits I’ve been clinging onto for some time. I’m not usually a sentimental person or someone that hoards anything, but when it comes to my clothes and shoes – especially shoes – I find it hard to let go of things that don’t get as much use as other items in my wardrobe. I’m hoping to hit up one of my favourite shopping centres this weekend which in my opinion has some of the best stores available and pick up a few new pieces for the warmer weather to replace some of older items.


I haven’t let on about it too much over here on my blog but this year I went through a heartbreak that ended up being a little bit soul destroying. Almost seven months later I’ve realised that I am so beyond happy being single and on my own that I’ve been able to allow myself to let go of all the built up angst and frustration. Before that relationship I’d say that finding the one was possibly the most important thing to me, but it took me a relationship and a breakup to realise that I’ve got so much more to live for and experience than just a boyfriend and in turn I’ve started to love myself for me and gone on a bit of a self-discovery journey! I’m now completely open to new experiences and ready for whatever life throws my way. I’ve created a small bucket list to check off over the summer and hopefully make some new memories to treasure forever.


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