Pretty Honest By Sali Hughes

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

When it comes to beauty bibles I am a total slave, to the point I think I own 90% of what’s out there. Considering I’ve had quite the busy year I haven’t really set any time aside to dedicate to reading, but now that my schedule is pretty much completely free, bar the odd weekend retail shift, I’ve decided to set myself the goal of reading for 30 minutes before bed each night. I actually received this book for my birthday back in July I believe, and yes it has taken me since then to finish it. The great thing about a beauty based book is that in each one I always pick up a few new tricks or different techniques to the way I do things in my own beauty routine. Sali Hughes has expressed her opinions and advice in a simple, yet beautiful approach that is to the point and explores all aspects and the wonders of being a woman. She has jam-packed this bible with tips and tricks and answers to everything you could possibly question within the world of beauty between the covers of Pretty Honest.

There were several chapters within the book that really appealed to me and taught me a thing or two about my skin, beauty basics, handbag necessities, and makeup for all stages of life. The chapter “What’s your skin type?” helped me to realise that I actually have neither dry or oily skin, but rather dehydrated and combination skin, which led me on to purchase an entire new array of skincare items that specifically targeted those issues. The chapter also explored the avenue of the importance of sunscreen and wearing UV protectant products. I had never before been a huge fan of using sunscreen, but the realisation that skin cancer is the largest cancer killer in Australia completely shocked me into re-evaluating my skin’s worth, and saw me introduce more SPF and sun protective products into my routine.

The section on basic kits and beauty needs left me feeling a little guilty of my extensive and extremely messy collection of beauty products, and one day led me to have a massive overhaul and streamline of old, expired products and anything that I generally did not love- my friends really thanked me when I offloaded a whole pile of MAC and Benefit eyeshadows. This chapter is also super helpful and informative for those of you who are just starting your own makeup and beauty collections and only want to invest in the basic necessities. I also loved the list of everyday handbag items that’ll see you throughout your night on the town and into the next morning, wherever you end up, and the compiled list of scents that ultimately “ooze sex”.

There are also a few gift guides that are suitable for everyone in your life and for all stages of life, which in the leading weeks up to Christmas may come in handy. Hey, this could even be one of those items on your Christmas list or for the beauty lover in your life. In the end, I thought this was a great read for an even deeper insight into the world of beauty, and can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. With tips and advice to die for, and time saving beauty tricks you really can’t pass up this pretty honest (see what I did there) beauty bible.

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