The Nail Combo That Screams Summer

The Nail Combo That Screams Summer! | Cate RenéeThe Nail Combo That Screams Summer! | Cate Renée

Whilst the end of summer is almost upon us – although if you live in Perth you’ll understand that beginning of March doesn’t necessarily always mean the start of autumn – and with the last few weeks consisting of temperatures soaring well above 40 degrees, I’ve been feeling not only hot and bothered, but also in desperate need of a little TLC. I hadn’t painted my nail in quite some time, most likely since Christmas, so I thought it was about time to have another delve into my box of hoarded nail polishes. I also had a party to go to this weekend which meant I needed something to tie in with my pre-planned outfit. Monochrome was my choice of fashion statement and a pop of colour would bring it altogether. A little hot pink and a vibrant orange would be the perfect nail combination for the party, and I loved it even more so that it screamed summer! Essie’s Mod Square was the perfect hue of pink for a wild party, and I threw in a touch of Rimmel’s beautifully bold Tangerine Tent on my ring fingers. I love, love, love the formulation of both these polishes, especially with a glossy top coat finish. I’ve always raved about the wonders a top coat of clear polish can do for the longevity of your nails, and so far I’ve done the dishes, washed my car, and they still look as good as new…with no chips!

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