The Weekender Beauty Stock Up

The Weekender Beauty Stock Up | Cate Renée

I had originally planned a beautiful, Instagram-worthy blog post for this evening of what I eat in a weekend which was meant to feature everything from drinks with friends to Sunday brunch. Of course, me being me, Saturday afternoon had already rolled around by the time I remembered that I should’ve been snapping away my meals on my phone for this post – I’ll save that one for another time when I’m feeling more organised and less forgetful. And so in a last minute dash to scrape together a post for today I thought I’d share a few bits and bobs I’ve stocked up on and repurchased. I was in the market for a new face cleanser and concealer as well as some other boring beauty items like cotton pads and buds. I must add that I’m also not one to avoid a 40% drugstore makeup sale and picked up some of my old favourites.

Starting with my old favourites because who doesn’t love reminiscing their used-to-be holy grail items. For me this was my beloved Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in 150 Buff that I used to wear everyday and with wayyyy to much matte powder to be considered legal – even the thought of a little sheen on the skin would make me cringe, nowadays not so much. Another oldie but a goodie was the Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara that Tanya Burr influenced me to buy. I don’t tend to wear actual false lashes that often so I love a good mascara that can deliver length and definition. As for body lotion I usually can’t be bothered with all that faff and just put up with my legs resembling something of the underwater species variety (scaly skin for those who didn’t catch on). But when I do I am always reaching for the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion, and its endorsed by the Queen of Legs, Jennifer Aniston, so I’d be silly to say no to that?!

Now for the newbies and like I mentioned before about needing a new concealer and face cleanser, I also desperately had to replace my sister’s brow pomade she sort of let me “borrow”. I’ve really been into thicker, more bolder brows lately and with my new hair colour – post to come very shortly explaining all – the Taupe shade from Chi Chi’s Brow Pomade collection is the closest to my natural colour. Concealer wise I popped the Revlon Colour Stay Concealer in 02 Light Pale into my basket mostly because it was 40% off but also because from what I could see the shade was much more yellow-tone based than my last concealer. Lastly my skin has really been playing up lately with spots appearing left, right and centre and leaving me in a state of emotional distress. I was keen to try something new when I remembered that many years ago I had used some tea tree based products from The Body Shop that worked a treat. Enter the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and although I’ve now only used this twice I know I already love this. You only need the smallest amount which will lather your whole face and leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed. I will continue to use this over the next month or so and report back with more information.

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