USA Bath & Body Works Haul

USA Bath & Body Works Haul | Cate Renée

So not yesterday but the day before, one of my lovely friends Jess popped ’round to drop off some American goodies she had kindly brought back for me from her recent trip to Hawaii. I’ve been dying to test out some American brands as they are very hard to come across in Australia, and if you can find some they’re usually worth an arm and a leg. I’ve heard so much hype and rave from the collection of Bath & Body Works products, and I can safely say that even though I am only two days into my B&BW relationship, I am in love. My favourites have been by far the A Thousand Wishes body lotion with vitamin E and Shea butter and the Sparkling Icicles candle. About two or so years ago I used to work in an international sweet shop of sorts, and loved when a shipment of American edible goods came in. For someone who is not usually a huge fan of pretty much anything flavoured orange, the Sour Patch Kids chewing gum has changed my views, alongside with the delicious Cherry Apple Twist Tic Tacs. It seems crazy to say but before we know it, the 1st of February will roll around and back to school we go, and in hand I’ll have three new PocketBac anti-bacterial gels (hand sanitizers) to ward off any germs and keep the sticky hands at bay- the Candy Cane Bliss smells divine!


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