What I Eat In A Day

With less than a month until my gigantic European summer vacation I thought it was time I get rear in gear and start to eat a little healthier and move a bit more frequently. As part of my effort to eat consciously I’ve been trying to snapping away pictures of every meal I’m eating to keep track and also to remember what I ate that day. But today I thought that I might share with you some of these meals that I’ve been consuming for breakfast, lunch and dinner and congeal it all into a blog post.

What I Eat In A Day | Cate Renée


Breakfast is probably must least favourite meal of the day, and because I don’t quite have a perfect sleeping pattern I wake up at different times each day. I’m also never hunger when I wake up and I usually only eat after an hour or two of being awake. Most mornings I will have a cup of green tea before I eat and when I do start to feel hungry I always resort back to these three meals: porridge with banana and raspberries, poached eggs with Hollandaise on gluten free toast, or a green smoothie packed with nutritious ingredients..


Lunch is my favourite meal of the day and is when I’m feeling the most creative food wise. I’m a big carb lover (who isn’t?) and usually incorporate them into my meal purely for the fact I need an energy boost for the afternoon and I don’t normally eat lunch until around 1.30/2pm. Anything from pasta with fresh tomatoes to a hot bowl of soup or even a veggie pizza on a gluten free wrap is what I love to eat. Once the afternoon rolls around and the clock hits 4pm my body knows it’s cup of tea time! At the moment I’m loving this Irish Breakfast Tea from Twinnings with a cup up apple or small bowl of coconut yoghurt with sunflower seeds and goji berries. If I’m feeling particularly naughty I will opt for a small bag of popcorn to satisfy my cravings.


Since I still live at home with my sister and parents, when it comes to dinner I don’t often have much say in what we eat. But I’m pretty lucky in this department as both my parents eat relatively healthy with my Mum being gluten, dairy and sugar free. Some of our favourite meals include bolognese with beef bone stock and zucchini noodles (courgetti to you Brits), a classic roast dinner with veggies, and also a BBQ with marinated meat and a million different salads. We generally opt to swap out things like potato mash and rice for cauliflower mash/rice, potato for sweet potato, pasta for zucchini noodles and so on. After dinner I normally just have a cup of tea before bed, but if I’m feeling a tad peckish nothing beats my Dad’s favourite snack of cut up apple and cheese slices.


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