The New Bag | Marc Jacobs Metropolitote

The New Bag | Marc Jacobs Metropolitote | Cate RenéeThe New Bag | Marc Jacobs Metropolitote | Cate Renée

The contents of a woman’s bag are very private, and most very personal to her. A bag holds everything that a woman shall need on an outing; whether it be to work, out shopping, the school drop off, or a big night on the town. In her bag will be all the essentials that she needs to get through the day no matter what stands in her way. The contents are almost like a personality in such a way they hold significant value or piece of mind to that woman. Without these certain items she could not be the woman she is.

My love affair with the utter beauty that is the Marc Jacobs Metropolitote began one late evening when I was on the hunt for a classic black bag that could see me through any occasion, and more importantly could surpass as my “travel” handbag if you will. I wanted something incredibly simple and understated, but also something that was large enough to carry a few magazines, a book, 20 packets of gum and a million other things neatly on a flight. I searched high and low for this baby online, and in the right colour, and without the studs. In the end I dragged one of my girlfriends for a quick trip into town one Saturday morning and picked it up in store. Luckily I scored the second last one of its kind, and whilst I was paying another lady bought the last. In my eyes it was a purchase made in luxury bag heaven, and certainly a case of “meant to be”.

Now, let’s dive in and see what goodies I’ve got hidden away. My bag can usually represent the famous Mary Poppins bag, you know the one with the mirror and coat rack in it. Recently, since passing my driving test and getting a car, I’ve been trying to remember the motto “keys, money, phone” every time I leave the house, but with this spacious tote bag and my mad organisational skills I normally have those three already packed. Along with my three essentials come a few others: a water bottle, my contact solution because you never know when a case of dry eyes will hit you, band-aids for the obvious reason (also new shoes can be a right bitch), hand sanitiser and lastly a trusty packet of minty fresh chewing gum. As for my purse I picked up this classic brown design from Colette by Colette Hayman last week as the one I received for Christmas fell apart…already! But generally when it comes to what I keep in there I tend to keep it neat and orderly, so you’ll rarely find random receipts or any kind of junk in there, but more likely a million discount cards to beauty and fashion retailers, and the usual; driver’s license, bank card etc.

Lastly, a handbag wouldn’t be a handbag with the ultimate beauty staple items to keep you looking fresh a daisy all day long. I’ve actually strayed away from carrying an entire bag of makeup lately, and instead opting to pick out the select items I feel would benefit me more. I still like to keep it all separate from the other bits and bobs in my bag, so within my mini makeup bag you can find: powder and a brush to apply with, lip balm, usually a pinky nude lip crayon and whatever colour I’m wearing on that day, a mini hairbrush along with a few bobby pins and a hair elastic and my glasses case with my contact lenses inside.

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