What’s In My Everyday Clutch?

What's In My Everyday Clutch? | Mimco Pouch | Cate Renée

I’ve been carrying around my beloved Mimco Lovely Medium Pouch in Black Rose Gold pretty much everyday and everywhere since I received it last Christmas – thanks Mum and Dad! I used to be a handbag gal through and through but now I prefer to just carry the bare necessities instead of a Mary Poppins-like bag full of crap. Money. Keys. Phone. That’s the new mantra I’ve been trying to say to myself every time I leave the house and the majority of the contents in my bag. These pouches are rather deceptive in the way that if you pack it just right you can fit a fair bit inside. So I thought I’d empty mine out for you to have a little nosy… because who doesn’t love a nosy?!

What's In My Everyday Clutch | Mimco Pouch | Cate Renée

In this pouch I’ve got: a bunch of cards including my driver’s license, bank card and a lot of discount cards, my car and house keys, small change, a pen, earphones, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm because it’s my go-to colour and looks fab with any makeup look, Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear, hand sanitiser, bobby pins and hair elastics, peppermint tea sachet, and of course, my iPhone 6S+. And sometimes if I’m really lucky and feeling like a Tetris whiz then I can also squeeze in a flat afro comb, perfect for nights out on the town.


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