Why The Capsule Wardrobe Is Not For Me

Why The Capsule Wardrobe Is Not For Me

A few months ago I posted two blog write-ups about the style concept that is the capsule wardrobe: what it is and the pieces I had bought for my autumn capsule collection. Initially I loved the concept and idea of saving money and only investing in timeless pieces that would last season after season, but soon enough I realised that this just was not for me and it all came down to a few reasons why…

I’m a shopaholic

I live for the shops! Born into a family that loves a little splurge, I inherited the shopping gene from my Mum and therefore began my addiction at a very young age. Still to this day my Mum and I often find ourselves popping down to our local together, whether it be to food shop or to pick up something new to wear for the weekend – yes I have become Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic, minus the part where she spends $200 on Marc Jacobs underwear.

I’m loyal to brands I love

This was a big part of the reason as to why the capsule wardrobe just wasn’t for me. Being a short girl with a curvy figure and tiny feet, its incredibly difficult to find retail stores that stock true sizes and I know will fit me properly. So when I do come across one I reckon I’ve hit the jackpot and instantly become a loyal customer. A shop where I know walking in what size top, jean and shoe I’ll be is everything to me and so I like to check back in every week or two to see what’s new.

I can’t always splash it all in one go

Although my job pays amazingly well, I am still only young and do not have a lifetime of savings set aside in order for me to have a big splurge all in one hit. This is how the aforementioned comes into play – as I love to see what new stock stores have got in regularly, if I love an item enough then I will generally purchase it there and then rather than waiting three months to pick it up. Most stores only carry a collection for a season – which is technically three months – and then replenish for the upcoming season, so if I had to wait for something that would only be out of stock at the end of the three month period then I think I’d be pretty gutted.


We only get one life to live and you can’t take any money to the grave with you. Whilst I am actually an excellent saver if I do say so myself, I do also love the occasional “treat yo self” splurge. I work hard enough and earn my own money so if I spot something that I fancy then I will usually purchase it, which in my books is more than justified. And if you can’t treat yourself a little here and there then who can?! So next time buy those leopard print slides that would go with everything in your monochrome wardrobe for summer or pick up that glitzy shift number you’ve been eyeing up forever.

I’m a frequent shopper of the ASOS new-in section

Most people like to end their working week with a few drinks with their colleagues or friends at the pub, I on the other hand like to spend my Friday evening down time scrolling through the new-in section of ASOS and my other favourite online retailers. Sometimes I might even throw in a glass of red and selection plate of cheese and crackers for myself. Sounds like the perfect way to start the weekend to me!

I must mention quickly that although I’ve just rattled off a whole bunch of reasons why I’m not into the capsule wardrobe thing, this isn’t to say that I won’t try and revisit it in years to come.

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