The Winter Skin Survival Kit

The Winter Skin Survival Kit | Cate Renée

Skin, I am forever picking up new skin care products to try and test out for myself and anyone else for that matter. And when the cooler weather starts to make an appearance, I like to shake up my head-to-toe skin care routine, with more heavy-duty products that pack a punch and quench that thirst my skin is dying for. I use a wide variety of products, differing in the body area and the purpose.

When it comes to my face, I’ll be the first to admit my fussiness with skincare products, and usually when I do find something I love, I stick with it… forever. I’ve got a few staples that I always have on go in my bathroom; for when my skin is looking dry and dull, I love a good exfoliant that I can use in the shower. Clean & Clear’s Deep Action In Shower Facial is one of those rare products that actually does what the package says, and works with the steam of the shower to open and unclog your pores. I have noticed a huge difference in the surface of my skin and size of my pores since using it. This product is also my dying saviour when a nasty chest or back breakout erupts out of nowhere. As for facial moisturisers in winter, I definitely lean towards something a little more heavy-duty, and the *Glamourflage Luscious Lucy Face Cream certainly has re-hydrated my skin and brought it back to life. Although personally, I am not a huge fan of the floral, freesia scent, this face cream has seriously made my face as smooth as a baby’s bum, plus the gorgeous retro packaging can’t go without a mention!

As for lips, I’m one of those unlucky people, who, if I miss a day of lip balm application, I end up with dry, flaky lips that are cracked and sting! I also am the kind of person who carries 13 different sorts of lip balm in my handbag on a daily basis! That being said, I always find myself going back to old favourites like my trusty Papaw Ointment, that can be used on pretty much everything! Another new recent favourite has been the *Glamourflage Daisy Delight Lip Balm, which not only works a treat but also smells divine.

For the rest of my body, I am usually pretty lazy when it comes to keeping up on moisturising, but when I do, there’s nothing better than The Body Shop’s infamous Body Butters. This strawberry scented one I received in a gift for my birthday last year has worked a treat, and I haven’t stopped using it since! I love how thick the consistency is, which re-injects some moisture back into my dry skin. As a bit of a germ-a-phob I’ve always got hand sanitiser on me, but it sometimes leaves my hands a little drier than I like. To combat this, I keep a mini tube of the Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream in my bag at all times.

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