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2018 Goals | Cate Renée

Nothing screams “2018 is going to be my bitch” like a brand new post on Monday the 1st of January. I’ve worked out over the past two or three years that if I set more realistic goals for myself then I am more likely to achieve them rather than wanting to achieve something extreme and ultimately failing before I even begin. The first day of the new year is one of my favourites, the festivities are starting to wind down, we’re in the midst of summer and it’s a time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. This year most of my goals are follow-ons from last years resolutions or ones where I want to learn something and better my skill set.

Post on Instagram more

Instagram is my top social media platform by far. I’ve always loved taking photos and sharing with friends and family and now you guys but over the last three to six months I’ve lacked in the uploading department. Whether that’s due to feeling uninspired, being lazy or just having lost my confidence a little bit, this year I want to overcome that and start posting more and find my own rhythm. I’ve already downloaded VSCO from the App Store and plan on having a play around with the different lighting presets and effects.

Start taking outfit shots

Other than beauty, actually before I had an affection for beauty, fashion was my first hobby. I used to rip pages out of magazines and save them into folders to refer back on and put little outfits together. Shopping is like a drug to me and I love the thrill of when you find a bargain or dupe item or even a wardrobe staple you’ve been hunting down for ages. So it only seems like a natural progression for me to start sharing some outfit shots with you all, and now that I’ve installed Pipdig’s genious plugin Shopr, you can easily shop my outfits at the bottom of each post. I just need to work on perfecting my model face and those “candid” fashion blogger poses.

Improve my blog photography

This one goes hand-in-hand with my goal to start sharing outfits with you. I always go through phases of feeling really creative with blog photos and then really uninspired and stuck on how to shoot something. I’ve been trying hard to get my photography game back and my photos to be looking aesthetically pleasing but sometimes it’s the composition of the image that I get held up on. I want to focus on taking an idea in my head to shooting it, then editing it on programs like Adobe Lightroom and PicMonkey.

Switch to more natural beauty products

My Mum and I have decided that this year we really want to put our health first and switch over to using some more natural based beauty brands. As much as I love makeup and skincare many products contain harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients, and it wasn’t until I was watching an episode of Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty that I discovered a new app to help identify those ingredients. The app is called Think Dirty and you can search or scan a products barcode and it will come up with a rating for each ingredient and an explanation of what it is and the effects it can have on you and the environment. It also then offers you a couple of alternative products that do that same job.

Upgrade my pilates membership

Back in September I finally signed up to an open day at my local Xtend Barre studio. Safe to safe I’ve been hooked on it since and actually look forward to breaking a sweat and getting my tooshie kicked twice a week. I’m currently going twice a week, usually once to Xtend Barre and once to Pilates, but in the coming months I want to upgrade my membership so I have access to unlimited classes – I want to aim for three to four classes a week. I also now have a huge drawer full of fun and crazy printed activewear which I picked up during the Black Friday sales at Cotton On Body. Sometimes I find if I’m wearing something a bit more colourful I feel a bit more motivated to go to a class and even more groovy whilst doing 100 pliés.

Learn to bake a few simple classics

I am an utter whizz when it comes to dinner time. I love to cook and create different recipes and flavour combinations but when it comes to baking a dessert well that’s where I fall flat. I’ve had many a failed attempts at cupcakes and friands and have even burnt chocolate whilst trying to melt it in the microwave. So you could say baking is not my forte but this year I’ve promised myself to learn a few basics and to learn them well so I can rely on them being fail-safe and something I can easily whip up when the grandparents announce they’re on their way. I’m going to try and bake something new each weekend and I’m going to start my baking journey off with the Tanya Bakes cookbook by Tanya Burr.

Rediscover my love for reading

Last year I set myself the goal of reading one book every month – seems easy enough right?! Well unless you absolutely are mad about books and have all the time in the world that may be a little hard to achieve. I now have a drawer in my bedside table full of brand new bought books I bought throughout last year, all unread and awaiting me to have a flick through. And so this year I’m going to try my best to read more but I’m not going to put a specific time limit on it. I’m currently reading Party Girls Die in Pearls: An Oxford Girl Mystery by Plum Sykes but if you have any book recommendations please send ’em my way!


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