3 Podcasts To Listen To By Awesome Aussie Women

Aussie Podcasts

Since our world practically turned upside down overnight, we’ve all had to adjust to a new normal and come to terms with what our day-to-day looks like. Understandably, living in the confines of our homes and practicing social distancing can take a toll on our state of mental health, and during this time, I’ve been turning to podcasts as a source of inspiration and lightheartedness. There are thousands and thousands of incredible podcast shows out there, but here are the three I’ve had on repeat by some of my favourite Aussie babes.

Seize the Yay

Hosted by the ever-bubbly Sarah Davidson, Seize the Yay follows some of the world’s most inspiring people on their journey to finding their “yay”. I’m obsessed with the interview style of this poddy in which we uncover how each guest came to seize their yay through a series of fun questions: Way to Yay, Nay to Yay, and Play to Yay. If you’re looking to lighten the mood and for a behind-the-scenes look at some interesting people, then this podcast for you. My favourite episodes: Megan Gale and Tiffiny Hall and Sharna Burgess.

Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry

I’ve been a longtime fangirl of Australia’s favourite nutritionist, Lola Berry since she first appeared on the wellness scene back in 2010. Flash forward to mid-2019, Lola launched her podcast, Fearlessly Failing, chatting with guests about the failures that have ultimately helped shape their dreams. If you’re looking to quit the comparison game and want to look at failure from a healthy perspective, then this is the podcast for you. My favourite episodes: Georgia Love, Ashy Bines and Rachael Finch.

Shameless Podcast

Melbourne journalists, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald began their iconic podcast, Shameless, from within the walls of their bedroom. Described as “the pop culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff”, these funny ladies chat all the things, from reality TV to feminism and what’s going on in the world. Along the way, they’ve interviewed a bunch of influential personalities from all walks of life. If you too love a mix of pop culture and politics, then this is the podcast for you. My favourite (in conversation) episodes: Abbie Chatfield, Bridget Hustwaite and Zoe Foster Blake.


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