4 Books I’m Reading Right Now


As part of my goal for this year to fall back in love with reading books again I’ve actually been doing the one thing we’re all taught not to do: judge a book by its cover. Whenever I’ve walked past a book store recently I wander the aisles for any covers that jump out at me and they’ve so far resulted in some amazing reads. The four books I’m chatting you through today include a Parisian memoir, health and beauty bible/cookbook, 1980’s murder mystery and the ultimate guide to hosting and entertaining.

How to Make a French Family by Samantha Verant

This book is the very example of my judging a book by its cover theory and although I’m yet to get stuck into it, the sub-heading already has me in love: a memoir of love, food and faux pas. Paris has always been that one place I’ve found to be so magical and a city I’ll never tire of visiting. Samantha, the author and narrator, is a former city girl from Chicago who moves to a small town in southwestern France to be with her new husband Jean-Luc and his children. But as soon as she arrives she is faced with a few unexpected obstacles, the language barrier for one. How to Make a French Family has me eager to dive in and discover how Samantha navigates her way through life as an ex-pat in France.

Lola Berry’s Beauty Food

My Mum and I have been longtime fans of Australia’s favourite nutritionist Lola Berry, who’s latest release is filled with recipes and remedies for radiant skin, eyes, hair and nails. I love a good two-in-one deal and Beauty Food has it all from skin glowing smoothie recipes to face masks made from natural ingredients and so much more. I’m only half way through reading it and have skimmed over the rest but so far found an abundance of information and knowledge I did not know about the importance of not only our internal health but also our external health – my sister loves to remind me that our skin is our largest organ and so I’m making a real effort this year to start looking after it properly.

Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes

This book originally came recommendation by the lovely Louise Roe who I saw raving about it on Instagram Stories and ever since I have searched high and low for it but I finally found it just before Christmas last year. As I was on holiday over the festive season I had planned to pick it up and start but just never got around to it until well into the new year. I’m now a good chunk of my way through Party Girls Die in Pearls and have reached the part of the actual murder of which the mystery is now of who did it. Set in the 1980’s at a high society British boarding school, the shoulder pads are just as sizable as the amount of drama. Highly recommend this novel so far to anyone who wants something a little different to your average Fifty Shades/Girl Meets Boy love story.

Lauren Conrad Celebrate

LC was one of my first ever girl crushes as a teenager, especially after one weekend where I binge-watched The Hills. I thoroughly enjoyed her previous Beauty and Style guides she brought out a few years back and still refer to them this day, but I’ve got to say Celebrate has been on my to-read list since it was released. I’ve always been the kind of gal who loves to throw a party and more often than not can be caught daydreaming about hosting and entertaining in my own home one day – my Pinterest boards are unreal because of this. And now Lauren has brought out her own guide to entertaining, which is full of party tips and tricks, I have a taste at how I may plan my own events in the future. This one is definitely going to become my go-to for all things parties, weddings and celebrations.


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