5 Tools To Create A Flawless Base

5 Tools To Create A Flawless Base

Well over a year ago now, I wrote a post about the five eyeshadows brushes you needed to go out and buy, so I thought I’d write a follow-up to that and tell you my top five tools I use to create a flawless base. I use a combination of makeup brushes as well as my trusty Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. These are my go-to’s and what I use on an everyday basis.

After applying a good primer I like to start my foundation off with the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish, a dense buffing brush which really works product into the skin. Then with a damp sponge I blend in the remaining foundation on the skin and conceal any blemishes and dark circles. Sponges are a great alternative to brushes but can be worn out more quickly and often need replacing – they are perfect for blending cream products on the face. They can also harbour a lot of bacteria so I try to wash my once a week and alternate between two. I don’t always wear a setting powder but when I do I usually reach for my Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush to apply it with and will also use it for bronzer as the taped, angular shape helps to create definition. Real Techniques Multi Task Brush is probably the oldest makeup brush I own but one that it so versatile and has stood the test of time. I’m currently using this as a blush brush but in the past I’ve also used it for an all over face powder. Lastly my finally tool for creating a flawless base is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This brush is also very versatile and often doubles up as a concealer or big, fluffy eyeshadow blender, but for now it’s my go-to brush for applying highlight.

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