6 Things To Get Done Over The Easter Break

Things to do over Easter long weekend

With the Easter break coming up next weekend I’m rather looking forward to finally being able to spend some quality time at home catching up with the fam. Our usual ritual on long weekends is to tackle a few jobs around the house and have a big tidy up and next weekend is no different. My Mum has tasked my Dad with finishing off our home office kitchen and I myself have a huge list of things I need to sorted before I go on holiday in June. Among those tasks are a few things you too might want to cross off your to-do list.

Finish That Book You’re Still Reading

I’ll admit I’m shocking at reading books cover-to-cover. If I’m not immediately hooked within the first chapter I usually put is aside where it goes to heaven with all the other books I’ve failed to read in full. But with a stack pilling up on my bedside table I thought maybe I should switch off socials and just finish a bloody book for once. I’m currently reading Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray, which is a more of a self-care/spiritual read that teaches you “111 practises to increase your spiritual connection”. Daily spiritual practice is something I’m actually learning about right now in my health coaching course and I can definitely see the appeal – one of my favourite ways to end the day is with a good book and five minutes peace. This weekend find some time to unwind from the hustle of Instagram and being at one with a good book.

Add Some Indoor Greenery

Gardening. It’s a real Vegemite hobby hey! You either love it or you hate it. And I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think I may have started the conversion process into being a green thumb. I used to despise dirt and helping my parents out in the garden but something in me clicked a couple of weeks ago that plastic plants weren’t as boujee as I once thought. Aside from the fact that the real deal obviously looks way better than what you can pick up from Kmart for $7, having indoor plants come with a huge list of health benefits too, including improved concentration, mood and air quality, increased oxygen and promoting a more restful sleep and having less stress. I had a plant shop voucher from my birthday last year to use up and I purchased this gorgeous Calathea Zerbrina AKA Zebra plant which perfectly slotted into the weird, dead space of a corner in my bedroom.

Attack That Mound Of Papers

Anyone else have that one pile of random papers where all bills, to-do lists and important notes go to die?! Or maybe you’ve got a whole draw in your kitchen dedicated to junk. Yep, I’m guilty too. This was my biggest chore for the whole weekend as my stack has been moved from room-to-room in my house daily for weeks. The best way to tackle this job is to lay them out onto a flat surface, into categories and then work out what you need to keep, what can be transferred to your iPhone notes and what you no longer need and can be recycled. Then group them together and file them away in either a filing cabinet of lever arch file. I promise you’ll be feeling lighter once all those pieces of paper are sorted appropriately and stored away out of sight.

Wash Your Damn Makeup Brushes

This is just your friendly reminder that your makeup brushes may be due for a wash again. I honestly don’t even want to know or think about the last time I washed mine, it may have even been late 2018 – cringe. And if it’s been too long to remember then it’s probably time to give them a good, thorough cleanse. I’ve tried so many brush cleansers over the years but I always seem to come back to the Beautyblender Solid Cleanser or make up a potion of my own with dōTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate and a few skin-friendly essential oils like Tea Tree and Lavender. Don’t forget to gently squeeze any excess water out of your brushes and leave them to dry on an angle with the bristles pointing down to avoid any water breaking down the glue holding the bristles to the handle.

Test Out A New Recipe

Nothing like having your family and friends over to be the guinea pigs for a new recipe you’re testing out. This Easter I’ve put my name down for cocktails and dessert duty. You see cocktail mixing is right up my alley, dessert and baking on the other hand, not so much. I’m still scarred from the time I burnt chocolate in the microwave whilst trying to melt it – I’m shaking my head with you – but this Easter I’ve challenged myself to go for it and attempt to bake this egg-travagant looking rocky road slice. So if it makes an appearance on the ‘gram then you’ll know it was a success! As for the cocktail part, well you can check out my post on Wednesday for my Boozy Bunny Marshmallow shooter recipe.

Marie Kondo The Bathroom Cabinet

Ask yourself when you last checked the use by dates on the items in your bathroom cabinet and medicine box – now go and pour out the contents and I bet you’ll be gobsmacked at how much shit you haven’t used in yonks… or went off in 2015. So when writing your next shopping list to replace these household essentials why not see if you can switch over to using something more natural. Over the last year our family has slowly swapped out our chemical laden products for low tox alternatives. Did you know a DIY glass and mirror spray is as simple as a spray bottle, white vinegar, lemon essential oil and water?! It only costs a fraction of what you pay for at the supermarket and it much safer for you and the environment.

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