August Goals

August Goals Cate Renee

How is it already August?! Like seriously?! I swear it was April just yesterday and now here we are, over half way through the year and only four months away from Christmas! Since the year is so rapidly getting away from me I thought I’d sit myself down and write out a few goals that I want to achieve before the month is over. I love to write to-do lists and so I’m trying to think of these goals more like tasks on a list. I didn’t want to set too many but the ones I’ve picked, although small, are important to me.

Start exercising again

This goal is the whole reason behind my inspiration for writing this post. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start some form of exercise and well, we’re now in August and I’m still sitting on my bum – good job Cate! Anyways I’ve been looking into Pilates a lot lately and was slightly horrified by how expensive local classes are. Then I remembered I was subscribed to a pilates/fitness YouTube channel from years ago, Blogilates. When I first bought my TV in my bedroom, around eight or nine months ago, I used to always exercise in the afternoons or after dinner before I showered. I really want to get back into this but I’m thinking this time I’ll workout in our lounge room since it’s wayyy bigger than my own room. I also love Yoga With Adriene’s videos as a warm down after exercising or before bed.

Finish reading a book

I started a bit of a book club on the blog this year and I’ll admit I’ve failed pretty hard, only managing to upload one or two related posts. But nevertheless one of the many books I have purchased this year is The Scent of You by Maggie Alderson. I’m only a few chapters in but I’m loving the fact that it’s written from a perfume blogger’s point of view. This is a big goal for me as I find it very hard to relax in the evenings before bed when typically my brain is on fire and is my most creative time of day. Instead I should be switching off with a cup of tea in bed and with a book in hand. Fingers crossed I get to the end of it.

Start reading a new book

Last month, on one of my many trips to the shops, I picked up the much anticipated debut novel from Louise Pentland, Wilde Like Me. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, Louise is a YouTuber who uploads beauty and life videos… plus she’s pregnant with her second baby! Gahh *insert all the heart eye emojis* Anyways I’ve been keen to read this ever since she announced it and what I love even more is that it’s a modern day novel about a single mother and her daughter and the woes of online dating.

Bake some healthy treats

I’ve had quite the indulgent June and July with many birthday and celebrations filled with cocktails, sugary treats and all the chips, dips, cheese and crackers – jeans have become a struggle to put on and leggings sound like a far more breathable alternative. We’re now in the last month of winter and with spring only just around the corner it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I’d say for the most part I eat a healthy balanced diet but I won’t lie cheese and packet pasta are my down fall. And now that I work full time from home having some healthy snacks on hand will be a life changer! Which leads me to my next goal…

Try to meal plan

Since I am the head food shopper in my house, I get more of a say in what we buy. Last December our family tried our hand at meal planning and although we only lasted a few weeks – I blame Christmas – we were more organised with dinners and meal times. Thanks to my Mum, we already have a stack of healthy cook books filled with amazing, delicious recipes that cater to gluten/dairy/sugar free/paleo etc. Meal planning usually consists of picking out a handful of recipes, purchasing only what each requires and then assigning it to an evening. I think the way we’ll go about it is much the same but we won’t be assigning a meal to a day and instead just choose what we feel like on the day.

Make my bed everyday

I’ve been super lazy in recent months and have hardly made my bed – obviously I have washed the sheets! I go through clean and messy phases and right now I’m just in a bit of a messy rut. Nothing extreme but my bedroom hasn’t been as tidy as what it usually is lately. I’ve set myself a challenge to make my bed everyday for the rest of the month. Plus my bed set-up looks so pretty when it’s all made and pillows puffed. I also read somewhere that if you make your bed in the mornings that you’ll be more organised and set up for the day.


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