Black Forest Protein Smoothie

A few weeks back when I was busy food shopping in the frozen isle I came across a bag of frozen pitted cherries. I’ve been trying to get back on the healthy bandwagon again and for me smoothies are the easiest way to get lots of nutrients in me at once. I usually opt for banana and mixed berries but when I saw the bag of cherries I instantly had the perfect idea for a smoothie. Many of you will know that I go completely weak at the knees for a piece of cake, black forest being my favourite, and so I wanted to create a healthy black forest protein smoothie inspired by my favourite dessert… second to crème brûlée.

Black Forest Protein Smoothie


Handful of frozen cherries
1 frozen banana
2 tsp cacao powder
2 tsp cacao nibs
2 tsp chia seeds
1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
500mL almond or coconut milk
Coconut flakes


Place all the ingredients into a blender and blast until completely combined. If you don’t have the most powerful of blenders or rather your smoothie be ultra fine then you can pour it through a sieve or muslin cloth. Lastly add some coconut flakes and extra cacao nibs on top for decoration. This is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet – enjoy!


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