Denim DIY: Frayed Hem Jeans

Denim DIY Frayed Hem Jeans Cate Renée

I’ve really been enjoying fashion and styling outfits a lot more recently and the one big trend that seems to be popping up EVERYWHERE this season is frayed hem jeans. I own a few pairs myself, and trust me when I say they are well and truly loved, but the one thing I’ve also found with frayed hems and distressed denim is that they’re super pricey! And because of my rather small stature when it comes to trying on jeans I’m often left with a good extra chunk of fabric dangling past my feet. My Mum is a whiz on the sewing machine but more often than not I just end up rolling them up to my ankles. This was until one day I decided to take a pair of scissors to them. Ta-da my very own pair of frayed hem jeans that are the right size for my height. I’ve now hacked at the bottom of three pairs of jeans and picked up all three from Valleygirl for under $30 each – two were on a sale rack for $19.95, bargain! And since they were so inexpensive I wasn’t too worried about going at them and potentially failing miserably.

First thing you’re going to need is obviously a pair of jeans and some super sharp scissors. Next step is to try them on in front of a full length mirror and work out how short you want to cut them to. Then with either a pencil or highlighter mark out just below where you want them to be. Using a ruler, measure equals lengths on either leg and draw a line across both the front and back. Now it’s time to pick up the scissors and carefully cut upward towards the line marked across. I then follow the line around the whole leg making sure I don’t catch any other fabric. I stress that you shouldn’t do this in a hurry, been there, done that, jeans are now in the bin! Once you’ve chopped the lengths of both legs, fold the jeans in half, match up the hems and alter if needed.

Over time with wear and washing the ends will become more and more frayed and fluffy and at that point you can choose if you want to trim the length of the frays. You can also add in little upwards snips along the hem to add that real shaggy frayed effect. This would also work perfect in the summertime if you want to cut your jeans even shorter into some frayed hem Daisy Dukes. I love styling my frayed hem jeans with dainty heels and a girly blouse or with comfy white trainers and a tee – the perfect casual weekend outfit!

Denim DIY Frayed Hem Jeans Cate Renée

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