Diffuser Blends For The Holidays

doTERRA essential oils diffuser blend Christmas

I love to diffuse my essential oils all year ’round, but even more during the festive season, so when doTERRA bring out their limited edition holiday blends each year, I go to town and stock up big time! Creating new diffuser blends is one of my favourite things to do because I feel like I get to partially live out my fantasy of becoming a perfumer! I love mixing different scents and aromas to create the perfect fragrance for a special occasion. But if you’re not as game to concoct your own blends and want something completely fail-safe, then you can always lean on one of the three delicious holiday themed blends doTERRA has created: Holiday Joy, Holiday Peace and Harvest Spice.

Did you know your sense of smell is closely linked to your memory? So whenever you smell something, your olfactory system in your brain can link that back to a memory you’ve attached to that specific scent. As someone who has always wanted to see the snow and experience a white Christmas, diffusing essential oils is one way to trick my olfactory system into thinking I’m actually in a winter wonderland.

Below are 10 holiday themed diffuser blends I’ve created based on some of my favourite things from this time of year: putting up my Christmas tree, constructing the gingerbread house, hot summer nights and all things peppermint.

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